Head of Product

BookingBug is one of the UK’s fastest growing technology companies; our award-winning multichannel appointment and event booking technology is used by thousands of businesses around the world. Our customers are very diverse, from small and mid-sized service businesses (such as salons, personal trainers and cookery schools) to large enterprises (including retailers, banks and telcos) through to local and central government organisations and the NHS.

Our HQ is in Farringdon, London — where the majority of our lively, hard working 60-person team is based — with our US team located in Boston and Santa Monica. We’re a creative bunch, with backgrounds spanning from astrophysics to criminology and digital culture to music management. We pride ourselves on our great working culture and offer all staff a host of extra perks and regular social activities.

We are looking for a talented Head of Product with experience in SaaS and a bizarre fascination with designing and detailing successful products. This is an opportunity to work with an exciting, diverse, committed and brilliant team. We are a product-led business, where the entire company is focused on delivering quality to our customers.

We’re looking for an individual who has managed other Product Managers and has respect for the range of talents (technical, business, etc.) that contribute to success in the discipline, even where those talents differ from their own user-focused approach.

The ideal candidate will love making clear, prioritised plans that reflect the needs of the business, are driven by the needs of the customer, and are realistically achievable by the people in the team. They will be good at extracting the needs that drive the plan and great at communicating out why this plan is the right plan.

The main tasks and responsibilities of the role are as follows:
– Owning the product roadmap that defines what will be developed for the next three, six and twelve months.
– Helping the company prioritize what gets done and why. Managing constant priority trade-offs.
– Communicating and evangelising the product strategy to the whole company – what will be developed and what will not.
– Aligning the needs of the various stakeholders.
– Building and managing a great team of Product experts. Helping product development team to understand customers and their needs – recruiting, training and ongoing coaching.
– Delivering and improving on the company’s products.
– Running a User Engagement program.
– Working with Sales, Engineering, and the Delivery teams to make sure customers get what they need.
– Developing a strong product development culture.
– Working with the CEO to execute the product vision and strategy that has been defined.
– Developing a deep understanding of the market and the underlying market problems.