Product Owner

About the company

Tiny develops the key building blocks behind great content creation experiences. Our editor powers the authoring experience of over 100 million websites and products, ranging from fortune 500 companies, through to startups and not-for-profits. Some of these customers include Adobe, Atlassian, Disney, GE, Linkedin, Microsoft, NASA, WordPress and many, many more. There’s a good chance that if you’ve ever used Bold or Italics on the web, Tiny has powered the experience.

About the role

Tiny is looking for a Product Owner to spearhead an ambitious strategy for overhauling our web properties and cloud services (such as website, web application, docs, blog, forum and the services that power these under the hood). This will have a direct affect at and cementing Tiny as a leading name in the content-creation space. You will work closely with our Digital Experience team to transform strategies and business needs into end-user requirements, guiding the development team to deliver compelling outcomes. Your understanding of complex systems will help to ensure design and engineering decisions work in lockstep with one another, whilst clearly communicating progress with key stakeholders.

About the team

As a Product Owner within the core Product & Design team, you will play a pivotal role in the future of Tiny’s broader digital portfolio. The Product & Design team consists of product managers, owners, and designers across Australia (Brisbane), the US (Palo Alto) and Sweden (Umeå) who collaborate closely with Engineering, Marketing, Customer Success and Sales teams on a daily basis.

What you’ll do

  • Ensure the team work fluidly together on complex, cross-departmental projects by facilitating regular scrum activities, sprint reports and resource gathering.
  • Dovetail with Engineering teams in order to achieve successful project outcomes by coordinating development spikes, stakeholder expectations and managing scope with the teams. Review cross team sprint reports for roadblocks and potential collisions.
  • Work with Design, Marketing and Customer Success to help centralise customer feedback in order to inform product strategies moving forward.
  • Prepare and present product plans, feedback and market trends to internal stakeholders as well as high-value external customers. Maintain detailed Product Requirements Document (PRDs) and Bills of Materials (BOMs)
  • Document and maintain clear strategies for projects that bridges the gap between product designs and engineering tasks, and communicate progress through clear fortnightly sprint reports.

What you’ll bring

  • At least 2 years experience creating user stories, acceptance criteria, use cases, workflow diagrams, functional specifications, business requirements, business cases or product designs.
  • A focus on measurable outcomes with experience in coordinating A/B tests and usability tests, with the intent to use insights to build solid product plans.
  • A high level of empathy, including written and verbal skills, required to operate successfully in a distributed work environment.
  • Familiarity in professional software tooling and workflows popular in SaaS companies (e.g. JIRA & Trello, Bugzilla, Zendesk, Request Tracker).
  • The ability to keep engineering teams going by preparing workstreams before they get to work.

Bonus Points

  • Product Owner Certification (SAFe PMPO, CSPO)