Product Manager, Customer Acquisition

Audio Network is an independent music company, breaking down boundaries to deliver authentic and creative music solutions to content creators in every industry, all around the world. The company collaborates with over 1000 talented composers and artists, and has over 175,000 tracks in its catalogue, carefully curated into albums and playlists in every imaginable genre, all easily discoverable via its website

Who we’re looking for

We need an experienced, growth-focused Product Manager to deliver engaging experiences for potential customers as they come to learn about and consider Audio Network’s subscription products and services.

Our process for creating these products and services happens in two distinct stages and you will lead them both:  figuring out what to build for our customers (Product Discovery) and then building it correctly (Product Delivery). You’ll plan this work as a series of evolving hypothesis-based bets and initiatives that prioritise the most valuable opportunities for acquiring and growing our customer base.

You’ll be well-versed in digital media go-to-market strategies and customer engagement techniques. You’ll follow your creative instincts but always be data informed.

Key responsibilities

  • Partner with our marketing team to develop and evolve our user acquisition journeys. Look at ways to improve a customer’s awareness and consideration of Audio Network, with growth metrics such as customer sign-ups and early engagement.
  • Collaborate with groups across the business – e.g. sales, music, marketing – to come up with strategies, ideas and experiments aimed at acquiring new customers across all our user segments, and across all key markets.
  • Work with a dedicated cross-functional team (with stakeholders around the business) –to establish objectives and success measures for customers, the company and our artists and composers.
  • You’ll be hands-on – working daily with a scrum team to test assumptions, wireframe user journeys, build functionality and ship software to users
  • You’ll partner with our data and insights team to understand our customers in detail. You’ll use customer research, behavioural data and usability testing insights to shape the work. Importantly, you’ll nurture a customer-centric mindset within your team(s).
  • You’ll constantly evaluate the impact of any solutions created, and use a blend of qualitative and quantitative research to steer future decisions

Required Skills/Knowledge/Competencies:

•      Experience in a B2B Product Manager role – Proven and demonstrable skills in product or technology management and product lifecycle, ideally in an SAAS growth role.

•      User-Centric Design Thinking – Focused on solving challenges that delight users and solve both spoken and unspoken customer needs.  Be a reasoned, critical and decisive thinker, able to weigh up options, understand different viewpoints and clearly communicate why a certain course is preferable.

•      Design Communication – Proven ability to make complex business problems easily understandable. Ability to develop ideas and concepts into working product and design documentation in an agile environment, keeping internal stakeholders aware of the product strategy and evolution of our service design

•      Agile/Lean Development Experience – Understand the core concepts behind agile development and lean start-up methodologies for building great products and services. Demonstrable skills in making data-informed product decisions.

•      Project Management – demonstrable time management and organisation skills with a proven ability to manage multiple projects at the same time.  And knowing when to say no.


Personal Qualities

·       Inspiring – with the potential to lead and motivate others

·       Strong Communicator – Approachable, enthusiastic and interpersonally warm. Actively listens & seeks to understand others points of view

·       Team Player – Aware and supportive of other needs with good inter and intragroup teamwork & collaboration. Understands the larger whole of the business, willing to support, and seek to improve morale

·       Takes Responsibility – Proactive / takes initiative and willing to go the extra mile. Takes ownership for one’s successes and failures and takes pride in all one delivers or is involved. Bold in making decisions.

·       Impact-focused – Define positive business impact and then work backward to find solutions that deliver it.  Constantly seeks to innovate and generate new ideas & approaches to improve customer experience and value. The ability to challenge the status quo and others in a collaborative manner.