Product Manager (for a new product)

About us

At Saberr we believe humankind’s next great accomplishments will happen by working well together.

Space exploration, disease eradication and environmental sustainability can only happen when groups of people collaborate and do so well. If we can make every group as effective as they could be then we can make the future happen faster – and that’s an extremely exciting prospect!

We firmly believe that the use of technology, data and artificial intelligence can play a huge part in designing and improving teams in ways that haven’t been possible before. This is why we are pioneering the digital tools that will get us there. Our team consists of data scientists, software developers, UX designers, HR experts and salespeople (you can see us here

Current clients of ours include international enterprises such as Deloitte, Virgin, Unilever, Bank of Ireland, as well as fast growing startups such as Ebury, iHorizon and Bulb Energy.

About the role

We are pretty obsessed with understanding teams at Saberr. They form the most important unit of performance in most organisations.

So far we have been focused on building a SaaS product to help clients hire from a team fit perspective. The natural question we get asked from many of our clients is “how can we make our existing teams work better?”.

This also coincides with a macro trend of organisations shifting from hierarchical structures to more malleable/autonomous flat teams in order to stay agile and competitive. You see successes of this with technology companies like Transferwise, Spotify and Google.

With this in mind we want to enter the team management market with an engaging digital product. We strongly feel there is a need to help teams and their leaders. The term we have coined for it is “digital team coach”. Think of all the traditional HR concepts like good feedback, engagement, access to external mentors, goal alignment, conflict resolution, relationship building, team learning, etc., but applied within the context of a specific team and their environment. It would be like having a sports coach for your work team!

Obviously this is a big ambition so the initial plan is to start with a niche and follow the “beachhead and expand” strategy. Our current hypothesis is that this starting point will be a service for first time managers. They are just starting out in a leadership role and are underserved from a training perspective. We want to bridge that gap between no support on one end and a full in-person development programme that only the top companies invest in on the other. We want to make every first time manager and their team even more awesome.

And this is where we need you!

Your goals for the first 3-6 months:

  • Discover what the first MVP of the product would look like. We expect you to lead the charge on user research/discovery, speaking to experts, current customers and validating hypothesis to find what problem we should attack first.
  • Go through a fast iterate-learn phase with prototypes and then an MVP to get us to engaged first time manager users. Our UX designer and developers will work with you on this.
  • Help shape the go-to market strategy with advice from management, key advisors and early users.
  • Keep stakeholders (especially our investors who are very excited by this product) informed of learnings and progress.
  • Start growing the product from there – perhaps with more offerings for the first time manager segment, or giving more value to team members themselves, or plugging in learning providers, or integrating an automated “Burrito every Friday” service.
  • Take charge of the roadmap and do all those good product owner things.

Who are we looking for:

  • You have 3+ years digital product management experience. Having developed a product from scratch through to commercial traction would be a big plus.
  • You have a keen eye for UX and are a passionate user advocate.
  • You have an interest in modern technology and trends, especially machine learning and AI.
  • You are highly skilled at critical decision-making; ability to evaluate business issues and resolve problems with multiple constraints.
  • You must be able to thrive in a highly dynamic, flexible work environment and switch rapidly from strategy to execution.
  • You have an excellent ability to communicate with stakeholders and know how to say no.
  • You are comfortable working in a cross functional team, with the usual suspects of UX, dev and data science.
  • Must be London based, have the right to work in the UK and speak fluent English.

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