Senior Product Manager / Consulting Engagement Lead

We are looking for an Senior Product Manager who has proven experience leading teams and consulting engagements to join the team at Citrusbyte.

What makes you great:

  • You are a builder: you have a hard skill of design or engineering from which you evolved to become a PM.
  • You care about building a great product: yes, the details matter and you’re willing to fight for important things.
  • You learn fast: you don’t say “I don’t know how to do it”, you only say “I’m going to go figure it out… “
  • You have experience: You understand how to lead consulting engagements and guide customers to the best possible result.

What makes us great:

  • We work with great clients on interesting projects. We actually build stuff people care about and use
  • Our team has a lot of autonomy. There isn’t just “the one way” to do things
  • You will work with small teams of like-minded experts from our UX/UI and engineering team
  • We also care about building great products, learn fast and have a depth of experience
  • We have progressive benefits including working from home, equipment, travel, insurance, annual company trip, and more

Your job duties will include:

  • Strategy: Collecting research, running project kickoffs, and defining business goals
  • Consulting: Guiding clients and project teams through the right steps to get a world-class product
  • Design: Converting ideas and goals into wireframes with a UX/UI designer, often developing the first set of sketches yourself or collaboratively
  • Engineering: Overseeing the delivery of each project milestone by managing/collaborating with the project team

Please reach and and let us know a bit more about you!

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