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Teach Your Monster to Read is a world-leading, BAFTA-nominated computer game which has helped nearly a million children learn to read.

Children create a monster and take it on a magical journey, meeting a host of colourful characters along the way, all the while practising the basic skills of reading.

We are one of the leading reading products on the market, with over 100,000 teachers signed up worldwide. Our userbase is doubling in size every year.

We’re a charity with big social ambitions. Our aim is to get more kids reading, and we give away most of our products for free. However, the project is run like an early stage startup – by a small, autonomous team including highly talented games designers and developers, education experts from Roehampton University and an ex-Cartoon Network animator.

As we grow, we need a brilliant product manager to help us grow our user base, oversee enhancements to our website and mobile apps and expand into new markets.

Check out our trailer to see the monsters in action.


The product manager will take ownership of all aspects of the product that sit outside of gameplay; including growth, marketing, analytics, the user accounts system, monetisation and support:

Integrating and promoting new features
You’ll ensure new games, content and features are launched and integrated neatly into the service, ensuring that the overall user experience remains clear and simple. You’ll also be helping the audience to find and use new features through great content including copy, images and video.

Developing new features
You’ll develop new features which improve the platform for teachers and increase usage. This could be looking for ways to get more referrals, more retention of teachers or easier ways for for children to log in. You’ll be responsible for the whole of this process, including user research, speccing, QAing and monitoring impact.

Being the guardian of our data
You’ll be responsible for our key funnels, KPIs and every piece of data we’re tracking, using it to improve the platform over time. You’ll design and run our analytics reports. As new features are released, you’ll be keeping abreast of key metrics, ensuring growth in the right areas.

You’ll manage support with a strong focus on automation. You’ll be monitoring performance of the service.

PPC and Social
You’ll be managing our Adwords spend of $0.5m per year, experimenting and improving our results over time. You’ll create and implement a content plan via Facebook, Twitter and other social channels, and respond to people where necessary via social.

Strategic input into the platform
You’ll input into the future development of the platform, with a focus on feeding in the requests of the audience.

What we’re looking for

This is a very broad role, and we’re looking for the right aptitudes and attitudes rather than specific experience. You could be an existing digital product manager, or coming from another role or sector. Whatever your background, we’re looking for evidence that you can make great stuff happen with drive and energy.

We’re looking for someone who is eager to take on more strategic responsibilities over time.

  • You’re an extremely quick and thirsty learner. You’re always looking for new ideas, platforms and processes.
  • You’re highly technologically adept – you can learn new technologies and software and make them work quickly with confidence.
  • You’re great at breaking down complexity and thinking analytically. You’re a problem solver. You’ll need to learn how to use our data to make conclusions about the impact of changes and new features.
  • You’re obsessive about making things clear and simple to use.
  • You can write clear, concise and friendly copy, with perfect spelling and grammar.
  • You’re comfortable talking users in person or online and finding out about their needs.
  • You’re a finisher, and very detail focussed when you need to be.
  • You’re passionate about making a social impact.

Compensation, benefits

This is a twelve month fixed term contract at ~£3,000 per month working full time hours, negotiable dependent on experience. You will be self employed.

Hours are highly flexible and much of the work can be done from home (we’re quite a distributed team), so this could be a very parent-friendly role. We do also have hot-desks at co-working spaces (Shoreditch and the City).

How to apply & deadline

Email giving us the best evidence that you’d be good at this job, addressing the four key areas in the profile above. You can also send a CV if you like.

If you have any questions, email us in advance. We will not be able to respond to everyone but we’ll try.

We will be reviewing applications on the 7th June and 30th June. We may appoint after the first review period, so don’t wait too long!