OSARO is an Industrial AI company that endows industrial robots with the level of autonomy needed to perform an extensive variety of useful tasks through a tightly integrated package. We do this to enable the world’s manufacturing and logistics systems to scale and meet the challenges of today and the future — from feeding the world during Covid-19 to improving production in regions with an aging workforce. The work we do is cutting-edge, while being both challenging and impactful. We’re looking for someone like you – an experienced product manager to help us meet the challenges of our time.

Our ~50 person team has all the hallmarks of what success looks like on paper — 9 PhD’s, papers published, credentials from world’s best academic institutions, and specialists in all of our key areas of focus. We’ve also got what it takes to succeed in the real world — senior leadership who have been through the growth stages before, top tier investors, and a focus on solving real customer pain points to drive product value. And we’ve got the intangibles: diversity in thought, nationality, gender, and background, plus a willingness to debate the right course of action, and the cohesion to come together to focus when the target is in sight.

We’re looking for someone like you. Someone who brings not just a diversity of thought, but of experience, origin, nationality, and gender. Someone who has done this (B2B Software Product Management) before. Someone who understands, has experience with, and can handle the complexities of an embedded software product, dependent on cutting edge A.I., as well as robot control, in a channel sales environment to enable end-customers to succeed.

You know how to jump into a discussion with technical leaders to elicit the right tradeoffs. You navigate the interpersonal, political and business pitfalls of having all the responsibility, but none of the authority to direct your engineering peers. You know how critical it is to align with Sales, Marketing, and Engineering, but how to avoid unnecessary meetings too.

Most of all, you know your skills could be put to better use than in building the next social app, influencer tool, or marketing automation platform. You want to help us unlock the next wave of automation and productivity in our global supply chain — to help with the pressures of today’s pandemic needs, but also to future-proof the world’s supply of critical goods against the next thing “we could never have seen coming.”

Learn more about the company and this role by reading this Open Letter


What you’ll be doing:

  • You will work directly with customers to understand their pain points as well as evangelize solutions.
  • You will work with engineering, sales, product, and other peers to define customer needs, and provide clear feature specifications, designed to meet those needs.
  • You will work closely with sales, marketing, and management to ensure we are building the highest value product while also addressing the largest possible market.
  • You will help set priorities that balance the needs of internal and external stakeholders.


What we think a successful candidate looks like:

  • 4-6 years experience as a product manager with notable success shipping complex SW and Data products which focus on enterprise B2B, robotic automation, manufacturing, AI/ML, or similar.
  • Ability to successfully convert customer and partner demands and business opportunities into clear needs, then translate those needs into a prioritized list of potential features, that incrementally build into a larger overall product roadmap.
  • Ability to navigate challenging, interdisciplinary product requirements but still drive rapid delivery and successful outcomes through influence and rapport with engineering and commercial peers.
  • Ability to understand engineering challenges while staying firmly in the product role
  • Experience with software products that require high uptime and performance requirements, preferably in industrial applications
  • Experience in a startup environment


Strong preference for applicants with:

  • Experience with AI/ML products in general or computer vision in particular
  • Robotics / IOT / Warehouse Automation experience
  • Worked with robotic manipulation hardware: arms, 3D cameras, force sensors

More About OSARO:
OSARO is a San Francisco-based startup company applying deep learning technology to next-generation robotics applications. Some of Silicon Valley’s leading investors, including Peter Thiel, Jerry Yang and Scott Banister have backed OSARO. Our vision is to build brains for robots on an industrial scale and we are excited and driven to see the results of our efforts operating in and interacting with the real world. We implement state-of-the-art techniques but constantly strive to build the simplest possible solution. OSARO is technique agnostic and always focused on the goal. We regularly review academic literature and techniques while steering clear of hype. We’re focused on delighting our customers with systems that work like magic.

We have a highly international team made up of expert machine learning practitioners and dedicated software and hardware engineers which matches well with the global nature of our business. We are naturally curious, love healthy debate, and respect varying points of view. At OSARO, we strive to be champions for equality. We believe we can serve as a model for diversity in the tech industry by emphasizing policies of nondiscrimination and inclusion at every step.

We are an equal opportunity employer who offersHealth, dental, vision, and commuter benefitsGenerous vacation timeExcellent paid parental leave policy with the option for additional reduced and unpaid leave