Simprints (located in Cambridge, UK), is a tech social impact company focused on improving efficacy of health delivery in regions of Africa and Asia. Simprints works with NGOs and governments on large scale health projects (immunizations, vaccinations, etc..) to enrol them into these programs using biometrics, and to then leverage biometrics during follow-up visits to pull up their records. We work in rugged, often offline conditions, which means we work on exciting challenges all the while trying to help improve people’s lives. We are hiring for 2 Product Managers to work on our platform products – cloud & analytics and our core android platform.

* Cloud & Analytics- responsible for our cloud features and infrastructure (hosted on GCP). Includes scaling our backend and working on optimization problem.. It also includes our high computational features where we detect fraud. The Analytics platform owns our dashboarding and analytics capabilities.

* Core App- our mobile app. This team handles all of our client-side login/auth, syncing, data storage and encryption, integration into 3rd party applications, and overall orchestration of the apps functionalities.

These roles have a wide breadth of responsibility & impact on our company. We are also a startup in scale phase – which means we are looking for people who are up for tackling challenges, and enjoy bringing strong foundations to a burgeoning company.