Within the Proxymity team, the technical product manager will:

* Help to set the vision for the platform and define the most efficient road to achieve it.

* Work in partnership between the functional product managers and the development team to ensure the development process is as efficient as possible.

* Generate product requirements proactively from customer interaction, industry trends and analysis of platform performance.

* Ensure that the proxy voting product proves highly competitive in terms of capabilities and client experience vs competitor products.

Specifically they will:
* Translate unstructured or ambiguous work requests into actionable user stories, functional specifications use cases and work units.

* Ensure adherence of product to all internal and external compliance, legal and regulatory requirements

* Ultimately own and lead new initiatives to consistently deliver a leading product and service proposition:

* Demonstrate superior persuasion and influencing skills that ensure alignment between customer/functional product manager and development team

* Prioritize continuously in accordance with the understanding and validation of customer problems and needs.

* Engage frequently (over 50% of the time) between the functional product team and development team; facilitate discussion, provide clarification, story acceptance and refinement, testing and validation; contributes to design activities and decisions.

* Act as an ongoing partner with the Development Team to ensure healthy development process.

* Create functional understanding and expertise by working with functional teams.

* Educate functional team members on key technical aspects of the platform that are to be considered during the product design process

* Contribute to engineering process improvements to increase team productivity. Work with key customers, partners, and early adopters to understand their specific requirements and to triage incoming requests