Associate Product Manager

Rev’s was founded in 2010 to give people the freedom to work when, where, and how they like. 

Rev is a marketplace for remote work.  We do for work-at-home freelancers what Uber does for drivers. Like Uber, there are two sides to our marketplace: people that pay for services, and people that get paid to work. Tens of millions of Americans would prefer to work from home if they had the option.

Today we offer four services and we will launch more in the next few years.  Our initial offerings are: audio transcription, video captions, document translation, and on-demand mobile tutoring via iPad.  What the verticals have in common is the work can be done anywhere, and software can transform them, via marketplace methods, productivity improvements, and machine learning.  We believe many types of work can be done remotely, and we have game plan to change more of them in the years to come.

Rev have raised tens of millions of dollars from Silicon Valley VC’s.  We have 55 employees (30 engineers) and offices in San Francisco and Austin.  Sales are growing over 100% annually, due to word of mouth.  Don’t take our word for it – search for “@rev” on twitter to read what people say about us.

Our goal is to create jobs for 100,000 people by 2020, and we are looking for an aspiring business leader to help us get there. 

Product managers at Rev run our business units and are responsible for moving the needle. Core responsibilities involve talking to users, analyzing data, breaking down problems into concrete steps, spec-ing out solutions, mocking up UI designs, QA’ing new features, and ensuring new feature launches go smoothly. Furthermore, we take on any role that needs to be taken. We are highly entrepreneurial and pitch in anywhere and everywhere in order to get things done.

You will:
  • Lead the design and implementation of our product and services, from initiating ideas and validating needs, through writing specifications, prioritization, and development.
  • Gather and prioritize requirements and define the vision; working closely with development, design, marketing, and support to deliver the product experience to thousands of Rev users.
  • Make business decisions based on data analysis and impact on key metrics.
  • Define, prioritize and scope user-facing features across the Rev platform, including web, mobile, and API.
  • Work closely with product design to craft simple, elegant, impactful experiences.
The Perks
  • Get around town easily. Get $100 of Uber credit every month.
  • Make a difference. Be measured by your impact, not your effort. Help create real jobs for real people.
  • Flexible work schedules
  • You won’t go hungry. We have a stocked kitchen with all sorts of snacks and drinks. Free lunch every week.
  • Team building events like trampoline dodgeball, baseball games, picnics.
  • A generous budget to create your own workstation.


  • B.S. degree from a top-tier institution, ideally in engineering or computer science.
  • Experience in product, engineering, or management consulting.
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills.
  • Strong organizational and analytical skills.
  • Demonstrated capacity for developing and understanding strategy.
  • Design intuition. Be able to intelligently talk to us about apps and products that you love.
  • Entrepreneurial. Creatively gets things done.
  • Like talking to people. Bonus points if you have ever carried a quota.


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