Head of Product

What are we looking for?

Someone to take our product from beta to product-market fit and beyond. We’ve just raised $5m from investors including BGF Ventures, Spring Partners, 500 Startups, Andy Phillipps, DN Capital and many others. 

Bristol… WTF? 

We’ve offices in Bristol and Bucharest. We’re looking for someone that can spend some time each week in one or other, ideally full-time in Bristol. Why Bristol? When our founder Tom moved from London <> Bristol, he went from a tiny 1-bed in a bad area to a 4-bed house with 2x gardens in the centre of town, for the same price. His commute went from 2-hours to 10 mins a day and can regularly be found fly-fishing or wild swimming (occasionally both at the same time) of a weekday evening in the countryside. So, if you want a huge boost in quality of life whilst earning a London salary and working on a huge idea with an amazing team, we can help. We don’t believe working at a startup means putting your life on hold.

Why wholi?

Our pitch is here (excuse the brand change) – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1GPIiMrSTB4

3 billion searches a day are for people, yet there’s no way to comprehensively search someone’s online footprint. We are well on the way to solving this problem.

The whole team at wholi is obsessed with people search. We believe that when the right people find each other, amazing things happen – not just when we’re hiring team members ourselves, but by building a product that enables people to find the right people, at scale.

Google has built products that deal with the ‘what’ and the ‘where’ of the web. However, if you want to figure out ‘who’ – to meet, hire, date, befriend, sell to etc – the information is poor and scattered. Where do you search? Is LinkedIn really as good as people search can be?

We want wholi to become synonymous with finding the right people – the ‘who’ of the web. We think that the people in your life are more important than data!

Who we are?

wholi was founded by a 2x international math olympiad and award-winning entrepreneur. We’ve built an amazing team with a collection of Olympic and contest medalists in math and informatics alongside PhDs, with experience at Google, Facebook, Twitter and Adobe. We are trying to build an all-star team from a raw intellect perspective, but we’re also AS focused on mindfulness & EQ as well as IQ. We want to work alongside people who are thoughtful, team-players, kind and considerate. Our inspirations are Buffer, 37Signals, Patagonia and Semco. Frankly, we don’t believe that working in a startup means slavish work towards a distant horizon so that we might enjoy ourselves one day in the future. For some running a business like these folks is radical. We think locking people into cubicles, suits and working hours is more so.

That doesn’t mean we can’t get amazing things done. We’ve raised over $6.5 million in venture capital and indexed and matched over 2.1 billion profiles on the web using our patented our award-winning technology,  but we’re behind on translating this into a meaningful product. [For the right person this should trigger a Pavlovian response]

There’s more information about us here:

About the Role:

We believe the secret to building a great business is:

  1. Hiring amazing people
  2. See 1)

We’re looking for someone with significant experience to lead our product development. You’ll:

  • Lead our product direction, strategy and roadmap alongside our current product and marketing team
  • Obsess about our users, form value propositions, validate them through customer development
  • Be responsible for defining the key performance indicators, set up real time reporting, and constantly monitor performance to ensure wholi is getting better and better
  • Work alongside our engineering team to ensure we’re utilising our amazing talent 


  • Have a track record of building products from idea to product-market fit
  • Are an excellent communicator and experienced leader
  • Can present ideas effectively through basic mockups and wireframes
  • Love simplicity (‘Perfection is achieved not when there is nothing more to add, but nothing left to takeaway’).
  • Have the intellect and technical mindset to work alongside olympiad informatics medallists and PhDs in AI
  • Understand and use the latest technology and techniques (e.g. machine learning)

What’s in it for You?

  • Play a leadership role in well funded growing startup working alongside the founders and extraordinary international team
  • Own a product that will help millions of people find the right people
  • Earn a market-leading salary and generous equity – these are transparent with the rest of the team
  • Help build and shape a product team as we scale
  • 2-3 team trips a year, so far to Kenya, Sicily, Malta, Morzine (skiing) and Romania, see – https://www.facebook.com/wholi.people/phhttps://www.facebook.com/wholi.people/photos/?tab=albumsotos/?tab=albums for photos
  • Unlimited holiday
  • A horizontal hierarchy
  • Health Insurance
  • Clear values, including transparency, trust, mindfulness, purpose, feedback, learning focus, enjoying the journey. We can share our values document with you.

Please get in touch with alexandra@wholi.com for more information.