Senior Product Manager

VP Product


Who are we?


Juggle Jobs is a platform for flexible work in the professional market. We are developing a platform for highly skilled professionals to find flexible working opportunities and manage their careers. Businesses can use the platform to access high-quality talent and manage their flexible workforce successfully.


Flexible working is a growing trend in the professional sector. The CIPD estimates that 75% of professional workers will be working on a flexible basis by 2020.


Juggle Jobs is going to be the platform that solves this problem. We are starting by placing females into professional services because this is the largest customer demand (business and candidates) and we also we believe that increasing female representation in business is a critical problem that needs solving.


We want to create opportunities for women to work on their terms. If they continue to nurture their network, skills and confidence, we will have an increase of female professionals pushing through the glass ceiling and that will benefit everyone.


Countless studies have shown that children respond well to strong female role models. Imagine a working world where both parents are working on their terms? Children can see their parents working hard and also being present for their day-to-day needs. The platform can be a solution for workforce and social issues we face as a society.


You can visit our website at: for more information.


What stage are we at?


We have a small team (Founder, CTO, Software Engineer and Senior Recruiters), an MVP and customers (corporates and start-ups). We have bootstrapped the business up until now and have some recurring revenue. We are currently raising a seed round of £250K which will be spent on product development and marketing.


Why do we need a VP Product?


The vision for the platform is bold. We want a hands-on, yet senior Product professional who shares our vision and goal. They will work alongside the CEO and CTO, taking responsibility for an exciting product roadmap. Whilst the skeleton of thinking has been done already, this person will certainly have a hands-on role to develop the strategy from scratch.


What are we looking for?


A fantastic tech-focused Product Manager who is passionate about the cause and has the aptitude to work with a range of customers. In the beginning, it is important for this product manager to own all three customer workstreams (candidates, clients, Juggle Jobs recruiters) in order to integrate the platform effectively. Therefore, you must be able to work with a range of users and brief the tech team on a variety of different problems.


You will have experience of working in an internet start-up, building communities and optimising features which ultimately translate to revenue. You will be focused, detail-oriented and have amazing communication skills. So we’re not asking for much! Hopefully we give as much as we get though…


What do we offer?


You will shape and own the product road-map for Juggle Jobs. Working with the CEO and CTO, you will be the driving force for growth, customer experience and design.


This is an opportunity to join a high-growth tech firm at an early stage and the stock options will reflect this.