Senior Product Manager

Product Managers at Seismic drive product vision and are responsible for the success of the product through all phases of the development process. Starting with the initial concept and nurturing it all the way through research & discovery, production, deployment, and maintenance; the Product Manager ensures that our new features and capabilities solve our customers’ biggest problems. Successful candidates have three main traits – product sense, leadership, and the ability to get things done.

At Seismic, content is in our DNA as a company. Our platform drives compelling conversations between sellers and buyers by recommending the most relevant training, news, and content at the right time. As a Sr. Product Manager on the Content Management team, you will help us further Seismic’s investment in our “engine room” – the heart of our platform. You will work closely with marketers and sales enablement professionals and empower them to manage the lifecycle of content at enterprise scale. Collaborating closely with design, you will constantly raise the bar for user experience, and deliver solutions that delight our customers. You will also work on extending Seismic’s content model to ensure that it is robust, flexible, and interoperable with the key systems that our customers use in their marketing tech stacks.