Senior Product Manager

The times of being stuck at home, waiting for hours for packages to arrive, is over. Now you can shop anywhere online and get it all delivered at your doorstep tonight. At PorterBuddy we are building the online shopping habits of the future (a little like Amazon and Klarna). Will you join us?

The perfect time to join is now
We have proven that people want a better online shopping experience, and we are growing fast. Amazon has announced their arrival to the Nordics, which will turn the e-commerce industry upside down. Corona has made it more important than ever for people to get the things they need delivered to their home. And we have a great team with solid financial backing to make it happen.

As a product team, we still have a lot to learn. From being a small startup where everyone does everything, we are now becoming a modern product organisation with autonomous product teams, each working to achieve their desired outcomes.

Joining us now as a senior product manager, you will have a lot of influence on how we make this happen. It’s a great opportunity to be creative, have a lot of freedom, and work together with exceptional people.

Our high tech product areas
To provide a great customer experience with PorterBuddy, we need to provide cutting edge products and technology within the following areas.

  • The online shopping experience for Consumers. From product discovery across webshops, to smooth checkout experiences, and real-time tracking of your deliveries, we are pushing the boundaries of what the end consumer should expect from their online shopping experience.
  • Integrating with retail partners. To integrate with “all shops” we need solid APIs, standardized widgets, and plug-ins to popular shop systems. As well as to support how they handle parcels in their warehouses.
  • Logistics for same-day deliveries. To make same-day home deliveries possible, we need to support how dispatchers handle parcels, and how couriers bring them to your doorstep with a smile.

Which of these areas are most interesting to you?

Your role as Senior Product Manager
We expect that you’ll be working in the following roles:

  • Product Manager. You will be heading up a team with designers and developers within one of our product areas. We believe that great products come from rapid experimentation and customer dialog, so you will have a lot of freedom to explore how to best provide customer value.
  • Supporting other Product Managers. As we grow, we will hire more PMs that may be less experienced than you. So we hope you can support them and make sure we are continuously improving our product management practices.
  • Working closely with our CPTO. Working closely with our Chief Product and Technology Officer, you will have great influence on how we scale our product organization.

Prior PM experience required
We would expect that you have some years of Product Management experience to build on (bonus if it’s within one or more of our product areas). Apart from that, we would just like to get to know you, and learn about what makes you most happy at work.

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