Senior Product Manager

We’re looking for smart, curious, and self-starting people from all backgrounds to join our Product team.

If you’re looking to work in a collaborative culture, solving interesting challenges at a global scale, and having a real impact in making our products better for our customers, we would love to talk to you!

We believe in providing trust and autonomy so everyone can do their best work. From how we work to how managers support you, our goal is to provide an environment that enables you to continuously grow, ask questions and not be afraid to fail – because when we do, we see it as an opportunity to learn.

GoCardless is on a mission to take the pain out of getting paid, so our customers can focus on what they do best. With the world shifting to a Subscription Economy, GoCardless is powering recurring payments across the globe via our world-first payments network. We’ve cut out the intermediaries by linking together direct debit schemes from around the world to create a simple way of pulling payments directly from customers’ bank accounts.

We process more than $15bn a year, for over 50,000 businesses in more than 30 countries, and we’re growing fast. Our API powers recurring payments for companies like Survey Monkey, Bulb and the Financial Times. It also enables partners including Xero, Quickbooks and Sage to help small businesses to save countless hours spent chasing customers for payments.


Product at GoCardless

We believe world-class Product Management is crucial to the continued success of our product and company. As a result, we’ve created an environment that ensures our Product Managers have the opportunity to constantly learn, are empowered to take calculated risks, and contribute to developing best practices that other companies emulate. Our goal is to be widely regarded as one of the best Product Management organisations in Europe.

Our Product team is focused on three areas:

Shaping the future of the product: As a product-led organisation, having a clear and well thought through product strategy is critical to our business. Our Product Managers are the driving force behind this strategy, and are empowered to bring it to life with their teams.
Prioritising which problems to solve and why: We take a data-driven approach to figuring out what problems we should solve and with what priority. We give our Product Managers the space to pose the right questions and empower them to make great decisions.
Delivering to solve these problems: We believe in a collaborative partnership where the Product team focuses on outcomes, while Engineering and Design focus on how we get there. Product’s main role in execution is to guide teams to stay on track to deliver the optimal product impact.

The role

As a Senior Product Manager you will work closely with a Technical Lead and Engineering Manager to lead one or more of our cross-functional development teams. Teams are responsible for their product area, and deliver impactful change autonomously, in line with the overall product strategy.

We are looking for self-starting Senior Product Managers to tackle interesting product problems across multiple teams. Across all Product Management roles, we expect responsibilities to include:

Problem analysis and prioritisation: Taking complex and ambiguous product problems and structuring these effectively. This includes clearly defining the problem space, the impact of the problem and the trade-offs made in making prioritisation decisions.
Data-driven decision-making: Using data and broader market trends to support your trade-off decisions and problem impact estimations.
Influencing and communication: Building relationships with your team, stakeholders and executives to deliver change effectively across your remit. This includes growing to become the ‘go-to’ person for your product area; translating complex, technical problems into understandable concepts; and convincing stakeholders of the best approach using structured reasoning.
Customer advocacy: Understanding the needs of your key customers on an ongoing basis, and using this to drive effective prioritisation decisions.
Shipping stuff: Working with your team to drive changes to completion, delivering consistent positive impact across your product area.
Senior Product Managers are also expected to take a meaningful role in shaping our Product Management Organisation, mentoring colleagues and playing a leading role in defining our product strategy.

What we’re looking for

We believe great Product Managers share common characteristics, and we look for these above all else:

Exceptional problem-solving and analytical skills: We want our Product Managers to have an outstanding ability to tackle interesting problems. At GoCardless we start by asking ‘why?’, and a data-led approach is central to how we run Product.
Curiosity and drive: We’re after people who aren’t afraid of a challenge and will have a go, stay curious and adapt to a constantly changing environment. Our Product Managers are highly motivated to drive things to completion, delivering great impact with their teams.
Collaborative leaders: Product roles bring responsibility without direct authority. We’re looking for leaders who can motivate and earn the trust of stakeholders and teams with a collaborative approach.
We expect our Senior Product Managers to have proven their ability to deliver great products, and be able to demonstrate the impact they have had and the value they have brought to customers.

Bonus points for:

Experience in fintech/payments or in a startup environment
Technical knowledge and experience in software development
Fluency in languages other than English (especially French or German) or experience working internationally
We offer flexible working hours and work from home arrangements, and we are open to discussing other flexible working arrangements. Our team comes from a variety of backgrounds and we embrace diversity – if you’re unsure, please apply.