Product Designer

Full-Time Berlin, Germany Closes: 2020-10-30

👷‍♀️ Help us build the infrastructure for local food trade
We digitize the entire sales and order process for direct trade between local food producers and their customers. We enable more suppliers to sell to retail by providing financial, logistical, and marketing services.

🥗 Local Food for Everyone
Hier, we ❤ food. We love the shopping, the cooking, the having friends and family over for a great meal. As well as that, we also discovered that most food from producers nearby tastes better, is more nutritious and better for the environment.

There are people, families, companies who put everything into making the greatest produce, amazing beverages, dairy, meat, spices or local specialities. But unfortunately today it is much easier to find and buy food from everywhere else but nearby. Why? Because while the global food supply chain has gotten ever more connected and efficient, local trade has not. This is going to change.

We are building the infrastructure for local food. Hier connects ambitious retailers with local producers and provides the tools and services to enable them to grow. Hier brings local food to wherever you buy your groceries.

We are especially excited to hear from groups under-represented in the industry like LGBTQIA, BPoC, migrants and humans with a migrant background as well as people with disabilities.

👩‍💻 We are hier
Hier Foods is a venture-backed, fast-growing company from Berlin and all over. 2nd time Founders Lara Hämmerle (Fintech Vantik) and Mark Jäger (Marketplace Stuffle) from families of growers and merchants have a combined 25 yrs of experience in building and growing digital products.

We share our beautiful office with Github Co-Founders new startup Chatterbug at SCNE in Berlin. And while we love having people around, more than half the team is remote.

✏️ Product Design
Hier is building Web and Native Apps from the ground up with our users at grocery stores and on farms. We visit and keep in touch regularly to find out how we can improve their daily work.

We value constant improvement over right-from-the-start, test over plan, data before opinion, solving problems over reinventing the wheel, creating experiences above building features, talk over documentation and diversity over consensus.

We know that everybody has their strengths, but Hier is looking for a designer who loves to work across the stack to improve our app, create our next product from scratch and help build the team and culture you always wanted to be a part of. You start with talking to and understanding our users in German (UX research), help picking the most urgent problems, come up with great features and solutions together with developers (UX design), create the user interfaces needed (UI design), test them with our users and help developers implement them. You should have experience working in product teams iterating on digital products for a few years.

💌 Is this you?
Then just send a CV and tell us why you want to join us to

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