“Commerce itself is becoming more complex. At Shopify, we know that our App Platform is mission critical for us to solve this complexity.” – Brandon Chu, VP of Platform, in his Keynote at Unite 2018.

Brandon wasn’t wrong, and with the increasing complexity of online commerce and transactions, there’s a danger of businesses losing a personal touch.

That’s why our Post product has experienced 500% growth this year.  Customers can send real Post. You know, letters, postcards and so on.

It’s taken some refining but our customers can now send real mail as easily as email.

We’re hiring someone to take over this Product. Post is just one component of our omnichannel communication products and it’s at the point where it requires its own Product Manager.

ClickSend is a MessageMedia Group brand, so In our newly created role, you’ll work with the broader MessageMedia Product team of 8 as well as your specific cross-functional team. So you’ll have plenty of like-minded Product people with whom you can bounce ideas, share stories and celebrate wins.

We think this is a unique role and something suited to someone with experience in growing existing SaaS Products, working closely with customers and understanding how to push and pull the levers that lead to success.

We’re asking our new Product Manager to;

Lead and implement Product discovery through user research, analysing data and customer interviews.
Translate requirements into product specifications based on this research.
Work to ensure our product is superior in usability and feature set to our competitors (Yes, we actually have some)
Create and maintain a feature roadmap to address new or changing product requirements.
Coordinate feature and product release efforts with other teams to produce marketing materials and a seamless experience for the user.
Provide support to the Sales and Support teams to respond to product-related client feedback and improvement requests.
There are few opportunities out there right now for a Product Manager to make such a major fundamental impact on an established Product. It’s a big task that’s not for the fainthearted, but we think you’ll be up to it if you have honed your Product management tradecraft and can show;

Well developed interpersonal and communication skills.
Experience in growing  SaaS products.
Proven experience and literacy around SaaS metrics; specifically CAC, LTV, NET MRR Growth rate, Churn, ARPA, Lead Velocity rate
Demonstrable understanding of agile methodologies, requirements gathering, prioritisation, identifying and addressing constraints, dependencies and risks
When you come on board here, you’ll find that we are a team of committed specialists who are eager learners, conscientious workers, and curators of what’s essential. We’re quick to trust and we see things through. We achieve together and we’re here to do our best work. We’re shaping up to become a global force in business messaging, so people who feel a connection with these things and like the pace of a fast-growing company will feel part of the team.

If you’ve gotten this far and you are thinking “I’d love to do that kind of work at ClickSend”, then please apply.

If you’ve gotten this far and thought, “my friend Karen would be great for this”, please let her know.

Everyone gets a response.