Product Lead – Pace Analytics

Company Overview

Pace is at the forefront of a revolution in hotel revenue management, by allowing real time, continuous pricing that reflects demand and supply. After only 24 months in the industry, Pace has already closed some of the world’s leading brands.

Fast forward 5 years and you will see Pace driving the same practice in almost every other industry. Prices will be dynamic, following demand and supply in real time. Imagine every price in our daily lives being dynamic: from parking lots to supermarkets.

The Role

You will be in charge of the Pace Analytics product. Business Intelligence products are themselves a relatively thin layer of the user value they help create. Pace Analytics make users and their organisations more data-driven, and help them tell stories with data. You will build industry-leading practices for enabling that.

You are

  • A strategic thinker and excellent communicator as you will work across teams to derive insights to drive and lead the product strategy for Pace Analytics
  • Very analytical and have spent hours in BI solutions making you an expert in building, using and educating others about them
  • Empathetic in the way you communicate with customers to understand how our product can solve their biggest pain points
  • Experienced in building SaaS enterprise products and get excited about solving problems bigger than you could’ve ever imagined

You will

  • Articulate a clear strategic vision for the Pace Analytics product, help with strategic planning, execution and implementation
  • Deliver product extensions which focus on driving the continuous growth and adoption of Pace Analytics
  • Drive forward communication strategy around Pace Analytics by generating engaging content for internal & external use and evangelizing the industry for the power of BI
  • Identify & scope new data requirements that can be added to the product and work together with the integrations team to extend data pipeline
  • Collaborate with the Customer Success team to support any custom built projects for customers
  • Build out MVPs for Pace Analytics that require little to no further engineering resources

Your Profile

  • Highly data-driven
  • Proven track-record in start-ups
  • Enterprise product management experience
  • Experience with disruptive enterprise products
  • Experience with data visualisation and data storytelling (ideally strong understanding of SQL and / or building data models)
  • Experience with products that have high data requirement and managing data pipelines

How to Apply
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