Senior Product Strategist

Role: Senior Product Strategist

Team: Product Strategy

Role type: permanent and freelance

Who we are

Adaptive Lab is an ambitious product and service design company. We partner with bold leaders at world class companies to identify new, differentiated products and services, to transform their existing ones and to create what we call “Beta Businesses” while doing so.

When we think about our future we imagine a CEO waking up and realising that tomorrow is going to be fundamentally different to the past. They’ll have a few options for people to embark on their new journey with; their friends who they went to business school with, their partners who offshored a lot of their “IT” OR a company that looks, thinks and acts a bit more like one of their new competitors. That last option would be Adaptive Lab of course 🙂

If this vision excites you, you might be interested to know that we’re growing our Product Strategy team.

The role

We’re looking for Senior Product Strategists to join our insatiably curious family, develop our Product Strategy offer and lead on challenging and complex problems for our clients.

So you know a little more about the role, our Senior Product Strategists lead multidisciplinary teams of designers and technologists, and the project from research to delivery.

We expect them to be able to abstract original insight, design, validate and sell compelling visions, and help deliver pragmatic roadmaps leading a team and client through the exciting journey.

Our beliefs and values

To help you work out if you’d be a good fit for our company here are our beliefs and values:

We believe that, in times of increasing complexity and speed:

  • Responsiveness is the new competitive advantage
  • Design will differentiate the winners
  • That small, multi-disciplined and empowered teams are best at delivering change

Our values as a company are:

  • Think big, start small
  • Believe in beta
  • Stay hungry
  • Learn from the fringes
  • Push it further
  • Think by making.


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