Group Product Manager

An articulate Group Product Manager is required to drive our initiative to design and work with a development team to build the strategic elements of the payments products/services that will delight our customers, delivering on-demand market features that differentiate our products.

Started in 2017, AIMS and its subsidiary Credis are innovative providers of financial services, looking to leverage new technologies to provide services to customers who have been underserved by current financial institutions. AIMS and Credis are regulated by the FCA in the UK and have global aspirations.

The AIMS Group Product Manager has responsibility for establishing, articulating and implementing the new product offerings:

·       A safe and secure banking application for under-banked sectors, specifically those whose wealth comes from non-traditional sources eg: crypto and gambling

·       Crypto and other non traditional payment products as determined by customer demand

·       Interfaces that suit AIMS and Credis’ target demographic

·       Streamlining the workflow for customers needing to provide compliance documentation