Contract Product Manager

We are looking for a customer development / product manager to work on specific client engagements reporting to a Product Lead.

In a small highly skilled team, you will work together to create and develop world class digital financial propositions and get them to market.

Customer insights and development – You will assist the Product Lead on identifying the ‘jobs to be done’ for different end-customer segments, structuring primary and secondary research into insightful proposition ideas and proposals

Create proposition – You will develop and sell a solution to stakeholders that brings together a real answer to a customer need, remixing design patterns, understanding what can be built in software, and what the potential business model could be

MVP Development and test – You will work with a team that develops that proposition into a small but perfectly formed product in a number of sprints.

Aiming to create a live product that can be tested with real customers, forming the basis of future development and iteration

You will help shape the roadmap and backlog of work, supporting and directing the team in planning how the product will develop in specific markets

Work with stakeholders – You will work with the team and Senior execs from client organisations to ‘sell the dream’ and execute the plan faster than they would think is possible

What you’ll need:
A portfolio of projects that you can talk us through, the end result, the process you took, trade offs you had to make, etc.
Experience working with teams of 5-10 designers, engineers, and product people
Clear experience in turning end-customer interviews and insights into amazing products and services
Positive attitude and outlook

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