Senior Product Owner that can do UI & UX and Loves Restaurant & Takeways

FOODit – Tech for Restaurants 

Why is FOODit here?… We believe that we can make eating at restaurant & takeaways better everywhere! How? We make this happen by using technology, marketing and ingredients!


FOODit needs,

Product Owner that came from UI/UX or Development background and thinks at the speed of light. You will own all our tech that sit in or used by restaurants and takeaways.


You are a FOODie,

Apart from knowing your way around food, takeaways and restaurants. You are,

Technical amazing – You’ve previously done software developer or UI/UX.

Fast – Think & Learn at the speed of light.

Business sense – You know what will work with local merchants today and how to get local merchant to where you want them to be tomorrow.

Roadmap ownership – Led prioritization discussions and own what makes in for the next release with sound data, reasoning and buy-in.

Get things done – You lead by example, make milestones and hit delivery dates ahead of schedule. You inspire trust and responsibility in others because you are a straight shooter and have a lot of self-discipline ( we work with Sydney ).


Skill outside of eating,

Apart from know your way around a menu, you should be skilled at ( broken down by your background ) wireframing, designing and using, this how we work with our developers.

If you came from design background

  • UI/UX to Design – Take yours/other peoples ideas from a low- fidelity wireframe right up to high-fidelity design while keeping business sense.
  • Fun and Easy – Make applications that are fun, easy to use and look amazing.
  • Data – Able to analysis data, not scared of Excel and can work out a basic SQL query
  • API – You can read Facebook API development docs and understand which one you want to use
  • Communication – You’re able to get what you need done, keep up with development chat and enjoy talking walking into restaurants to have a chat

If you came from development background

  • UI/UX to Design – Your able to do low-fidelity wireframe, and do them fast.
  • Design – Know when something looks bad, and how to fix it fast.
  • Data – Understand what data you need, how to get it (Google BigQuery, Google Datastore, KissMetrics and Google Analytics) and how to analysis it
  • API – Work with the devs to make sure the API are clean, simple and easy to refactor
  • Communication – You’re able to get what you need done, keep up with development chat and enjoy talking walking into restaurants to have a chat

We Offer,
Using your business insight and tech savviness you have a chance to change the big picture for local independent restaurants around the world. Working at a startup that’s only a few months old, fully funded by a larger company, you are able to take a dream and make a business out of it. Working with a development team releasing 3 times a week to production.

We have offices all over the UK, but our HQ resides in Old Street, London or Enfield, North London. We provide you with a 3G ipad, and an iphone 5.

Next Step?
Sending a CV is fine (albeit a bit boring), but we really need to see your ideas about technology in restaurants and how restaurants & takeaways are changing due to market conditions. So please send over a pdf presentation or youtube video of yourself with your ideas.