Senior Product Manager – New Market (x/f/m)

Who we are

Founded in 2013, Doctolib is the fastest growing and one of the leading e-health services in Europe.

For healthcare professionals

We provide healthcare professionals with a full range of services to help them improve their quality of life at work and their efficiency: reduce the no-show’s thanks to our smart reminders, empower their patients to lower the administrative workload, ease the document exchange, help them fill in their calendars with the most relevant patients, communicate with other healthcare professionals are just a few examples.

For patients

We provide patients with more transparent access to healthcare and a full suite of online services to manage their health: from finding nearby healthcare professionals to booking and managing their appointments 24/7 online, having remote medical consultations via video and receiving a digital prescription in their secure online account.

Our mission is; contribute to improving the healthcare system. By building a company of thousands of people sharing our humanistic values, where they can grow and have high impact through their work. That’s why we are looking for a new Senior Product Manager to join our team!

Our Senior Product Managers are building the product roadmap for their team and ensuring that the solutions are suitable for our users’ needs while identifying ways to improve our products. You will:

– Identify our users’ problems and needs based on data and user research, and build an impactful prioritized roadmap to address them
– Be able to explain and convince the different stakeholders about your choices
– Take charge of defining each project specifications and ensure key product management processes
– Lead the projects, including validating the developments, rolling out the features, following-up the results, identifying the learnings and the next steps autonomously
– Be close to our end users, go on field trips to study their habits and workflows and perfectly understand their needs
– Work cross-functionally with development teams, user researchers, designers, and data analysts, in an agile environment

Changing healthcare is highly motivational and also quite challenging. Our product managers strive to deliver features literally impacting the lives of more than a hundred thousand healthcare practitioners and assistants and millions of patients.

Your mission

More specifically, you and your feature team will be in charge of making sure that our core and historical product, the booking management system, which enables doctors and assistants to book and manage their appointments with patients, is totally fit to serve our users’ needs in a new country that we target to launch pretty soon.

You can speak Italian and English on a fluent level with our users. You previously aced leading complex projects with direct product ownership and a large number of users, several stakeholders and teams, have the ability to work with software development and product teams daily, are technical-savvy at heart, drive product improvements in an iterative mindset, and have a strong understanding of SaaS products. You know how to put things in perspective and how to shift the lines when necessary thanks to an entrepreneurial mindset.

We are a team of 30+ product managers across Berlin, Paris, and Nantes. You will have the opportunity to collaborate between offices, go to conferences, interview future colleagues. We want you to help us build an amazing team and a brilliant company.

Here at Doctolib, we all share the same obsession: provide the best experience for our users and change the way people access healthcare.

Apply now. Join us on this mission. We are excited to help you grow with us.

Our 6 Doctolib Pillars “SCALES”: 

SERVE: Provide exceptional service to healthcare professionals & patients
CARE: Take care of our team
ACT: Be action-oriented and bold
LEARN: Be humble and learn 3 things every day
ENJOY: Enjoy and maintain a high level of energy
STRUCTURE: Work with methodology & efficiency to scale