Full-Time London Salary: £40,000-£50,000 Closes: 2021-01-31

At Sanctus we’re on a mission to change the perception of mental health and to make working on your mental health as accessible as working on your physical health.

We believe everyone in the UK should have access to a safe space like Sanctus at work and to be supported wherever they are at on their mental health journey. We’re building the mental health support we wished we had at work when we were struggling.

Sanctus was founded in 2016 and over the last 4 years we have focused entirely on improving mental health in the workplace working with the fastest growing startups in the UK like Onfido and carwow, big brands like Red Bull and the BBC and huge enterprise partners like Boston Consulting Group and the BBC.

Our customers are our partners and through our partnerships we make Sanctus accessible to people at work

Right now, up to 1,000 people can book a Sanctus session at work every month and over the next 5 years our ambition is for 1000’s more people to have access to Sanctus at work.

In order to do that, our goal is to partner with businesses of all shapes and sizes in the UK and to become the mental health partner for organisations. Embedding mental health support in organizations of any size is a new challenge. We need a beautifully designed product that makes accessing mental health support easier than ever.

This is where you come in. We’re looking for someone to own our booking system and develop a bespoke platform to deliver Sanctus coaching to beneficiaries; support our coaches getting to their sessions and makes the Sanctus set up a breeze for our partners. We want the basics to work brilliantly and for all user experiences to be frictionless.

We want to start as we mean to go on by empowering our Product Manager to solve hard problems – user problems and business problems – in ways that our users love, yet work for our business.  As the first product hire, our vision is to build a cross-functional and durable team and we hope you’ll be a key part in shaping that. To borrow Marty Cagan’s words, we want you to be a product missionary, owning the product mission from day 1, rather than a mercenary taking orders from the top down.

This job is a team leadership role. You will need to be able to influence your teammates, as well as colleagues, stakeholders, and key executives, through your use of data and logic.

What you will do/About the role

As the Product Manager, you will play an instrumental role in helping us achieve this goal by delivering valuable and viable products that enables Sanctus coaching to take place.

The Product Manager at Sanctus is responsible for:

  • Leading the build of product vision for Sanctus in collaboration with key internal stakeholders
  • Ensuring our brand promise of delivering great connections is delivered seamlessly through the Sanctus booking system.
  • Generating user research (with beneficiaries, coaches,  partners and internal team) to inform product roadmap and vision and writing user stories
  • Developing expertise on the Sanctus product and 3 key product stakeholders (beneficiaries, coaches and partners)
  • Running sprints with our devs and balancing fire fighting with long term strategic planning
  • Over time building out the product team for Sanctus, making calls on who to hire and how to build out our in house product expertise
  • Leading the development of our booking system and internal admin platform
  • Setting product OKRs and running quarterly reviews being accountable to their performance
  • Measuring success of product deployments – working with data of all kinds and having a scientific approach to measuring the efficacy of product development
  • Being an active contributor to the internal culture to help shape life at Sanctus

A bit about You 
We’re looking for someone who is extremely passionate not only about our mission, but also about building beautiful products that solve challenges for multiple stakeholders and is hungry to build and shape a fast-growing company that is determined to change the workplace for the better. You’ll be an experienced product manager looking for a new challenge and hungry to set our product vision.


Skills and experience
Product Vision

  • Creating roadmap for product and overall vision
  • Product evangelist – inspiring the internal team about product changes and being an internal evangelist
  • Spot needs for product support in internal team challenges and proactively work to implement them
  • Holistic view of product and ability to create for a number of different stakeholders


  • Accountable for executing product planning, customer discovery, product discovery, and product development process
  • Modelling for the economic and business implications of product before executing an idea
  • Qualitative and quantitative product testing skills
  • Deep understanding of product development process
  • Time management – balance of fire fighting and planning in long term projects
  • Collaborative team leadership style – work closely with product designer and engineers to discover effective solutions, and then work together to deliver those solutions to market via the wider internal team

Product Culture

  • Ability to demonstrate and lead on ceremonies, protocols, sprint planning that drives a learning culture
  • Rapid testing and learning – favouring prototyping and quick sprints to learn from feedback
  • Collaboration with internal teams to develop a product culture within sanctus
  • Collaborative team leadership style – work closely with product designer and engineers to discover effective solutions, and then work together to deliver those solutions to market via the wider internal team


  • Product management experience ideally in a B2B, service or bookings based business
  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent practical experience
  • Your application will be preferenced if you have coaching experience and qualifications
  • Demonstrated understanding of the techniques and methods of modern product discovery and product delivery.
  • 2 years working on technology-powered products as either a product manager, product designer, engineer, data analyst, data scientist, or user researcher.
  • Demonstrated ability to learn multiple functional areas of business – engineering, design, finance, sales, or marketing.
  • Demonstrated ability to figure out solutions to hard problems with many constraints, using sound judgement to assess risks, and to lay out your argument in a well-structured, data-informed, written narrative.
  • Proven ability to engage with engineers, designers, and company leaders in a constructive and collaborative relationship.

Diverse Perspectives
We know that innovation thrives on product teams where diverse points of view come together to solve hard problems in ways that are just now possible.  As such, we explicitly seek people that bring diverse life experiences, diverse educational backgrounds, diverse cultures, and diverse work experiences.  Please be prepared to share with us how your perspective will bring something unique and valuable to our product teams.
Life at Sanctus
We’re a team of 15 at HQ, 32 Sanctus Coaches and we have an incredible community of partners, made up of some of the most forward-thinking businesses in the world.

Our home is in Shoreditch, London but we’re currently working fully virtually due to Covid-19 and we expect this to be the case for 2020.

In 2021 we’re looking to work flexibly with 1-2 days in the office and 3 days working remotely.

We have a very open and receptive culture towards mental health and you might find us talking about the meaning of life or the use of psychedelics in therapy over lunch.

Some of the other benefits we offer:

  • Unlimited holidays
  • 1-1 Coaching to support your wellbeing and personal and professional development
  • Work macbook and phone
  • £100 in your paycheque every month while we’re working from home
  • Relaxed approach to working hours and taking appointments in the day etc.
  • Regular socials that don’t just mean drinking – but we do like to go to the pub too (when we’re not in lockdown)How to Apply

Send the below to applications@sanctus.io

– Your CV

– A covering letter tailored to show us your relevant experience and suitability for the Product Manager role at Sanctus

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