Senior Product Manager, Print & Mail API

It’s our goal to build an API toolkit that allows organizations to innovate, move faster, and better differentiate themselves. With software transforming the way companies and people interact at an ever-accelerating rate, merging the offline and online worlds has become more important than ever.

As a Senior Product Manager, you will help shape the vision & roadmap for our products, and be intimately involved in new product initiatives. Our product team believes in finding ways to say “Yes”, shipping early and often, creating a B2C experience for our B2B product and thinking API first.

You will be responsible for highly critical features and functionality for our customers including our flagship print and mail APIs, developing new form factors (such as custom envelopes) and our rendering engine (HTML to PDF engine). You’ll work closely with our engineers, Product, Go-To-Market and Product Marketing teams to launch great products and drive customer impact.

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