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Our Mission

We believe that we can do so much more to help children prepare for the future. Climate change, political instability, the rise of Robotics and AI and its impact on future employment all pose challenges that are unprecedented in human history. And as the world has grown closer – and become the richer for it – we’ve become more polarised. The divisions between countries are now felt within countries. And this year, we’ve seen Covid see borders close and 90% of world’s children lose access to education. 23.9 million may never return as economists forecast the economic impact of this lost learning to be c.1.5% GDP p.a for the rest of the century,.

If we are to turn these challenges into opportunities, we must all learn to work together at a level we’ve not achieved before and develop creative, cognitive and collaborative capabilities that most educational systems simply fails to deliver. Edtech has exploded into this gap, but too often without the social and interactive requirements that education needs to deliver for children to actually learn

We need to think long term, act now and change how we educate to deliver the generation who can change tomorrow. We know we can, we just need to start earlier, educate differently and deliver on digital. We need to start Hatching Dragons

Who We Are

Hatching Dragons was set up in 2015 to deliver on these objectives. As a UK registered early years educational group and three Ofsted approved schools that have achieved 99% client approval ratings and 138% revenue growth in its portfolio, we’ve long believed in the power of play based learning and in leveraging the early years to deliver long-term benefits

But we’ve furthered the best of British EYE with a unique bilingual curriculum that provides our families with:

– the cognitive benefits of bilingual immersion;

– technical fluency in languages that matter; and

– a programme that fully focuses on global awareness, citizenship and cultural understanding

Our expertise in schools have generated sufficient volumes of content and IP for us to digitalise product into streamable content and activity packs for parents and children to enjoy in the comfort of their own home

And to better build on capacities in pipeline and people, we became an accredited early years teacher trainer to develop the capacity to build bilingual preschool practice into the mainstream

We’ve come a long way with our model. And now we’re planning to go further through a potential research programme with Cambridge University & Singapore’s NTU to set the case for language based learning as a solution for long-term educational needs

The opportunity

We’re now looking to launch a digital division as a separate subsidiary company within our group architecture to focus exclusively on developing out commercial products that focus in and around our expertise in early years education and language learning. We are looking for a Head of Operations & Product to join as a co-founder to oversee the development of our Educational content strategy: to develop a suite of games and apps that draw on our expertise in education and develop compelling content that supports the child and family at home.

You will be joining a co-founder team that includes the founder of the schools co, as well as a CTO, Chief Education officer, Chief Narrative Architect and game designers in the mobile gaming space and will be primarily responsible for drawing together the functionality of our education into a smooth, engaging UI/X.

About you

We are looking for some of the following attributes, though you might be more experienced in some areas than others:

Experience in start ups – a thirst for that build drive in the first months and years of seeing a product come to maturity
Strong organisational discipline – this is a coordination role RE Agile project management as much as it is a creative brief. You will be drawing the workstreams together whilst assuming a principal role in defining its strategic direction
Inter-disciplinary attitude – an ability to sit between functions and help where required. Head of product will work with our Art Director, Education team, CTO to weave their thoughts into a compelling product and so needs to be able to work across brief
Ability to move between strategic thinking and operational delivery and contribute to both the longer-term mission and day to day duties
Experience of managing product agencies in delivering on product build
Experience of product marketing / monetisation strategies
Strong track record of UI/X and Human Computer Interaction / Design
Knowledge of Education / Language Tech preferable

As well as this, you are likely to be most successful in the role if you:

Communicate clearly and persuasively, both written and verbally.
Self- starter: evidence of how you’ve gone above and beyond to push yourself (and others) towards success
Clear track record of leadership within a product agency / start up / tech environment

Why us?

Agile / flexible working if required, although our preference would be for the team to coalesce around a London work hub / office in due course
Unique position in the educational market – cash generative in the schools business provides longer term financing for product development
Strategic partnerships with some of the biggest names in Research & Innovation in UK Higher Education

We are operating a rolling recruitment process where we will be reviewing applications regularly. Please submit them to cj@hatching-dragons.com


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