Product Owner / Founding Team

We are currently looking for a Product Owner / Founding Team to join our up and coming new startup in stealth mode.

Three serial entrepreneurs have over 15 years of leadership experience, successfully founded 4 companies. This is a rare opportunity to join the Founding Team, and partner with an experienced entrepreneurs who has a robust network and deep ties with leading investors, domain expertise in his field, and extensive experience in building B2C and complex products.

You will lead the vision, strategy and goals of a stealth mode startup. We are looking for innovators who can push boundaries and change the world. Design, develop, and lead activities for a specific product or group of products, from definition through post-release. Think globally and help be on the top tier with new products, and successful launches.


About the Role

Responsible for product roadmap, core workable plans and performance evaluation. Products include: onboarding experience, ad creation and editing, ad management, insights and recommendations and efficiency tools
Understand the customer’s needs and the requirements of each market. Build product solutions to meet those needs and requirements.
Simplify product features and tools to ensure products are easy-to-use from the customer’s perspective. Be the advocate of customer experience.
Work with partner teams such as user researchers and data scientists to drive meaningful business insights and translate insights into product features and roadmaps.
Define and quantify product impact and drive success of the product.
Make dreams come true – help aspiring business owners get closer to creating their dream business.


2+ years of experience in product management with a proven record of successfully launching products that create significant business impact. Must be with customer-facing products, preferably in the B2C industry focused on Android and/or iOS apps.
An AMAZING team player – we do things differently here, and we’re looking for someone who truly knows how to thrive as PART of a group, not just as a leader.
User-Centered (not self-centered) approach – our decisions are based on research and evidence, not gut or personal opinions.
Highly analytical – you will often find yourself acting as your own analyst, as part of your full ownership of the product (although we do have product analysts on the team).
Deep understanding of UI/UX – at the end of the day, it all comes down to a good old-fashioned user experience. Ability to write clear and thorough specifications and user stories.
Great project management skills – you will need to know how to lead a small startup-like group, from planning through execution.
English proficiency and experience working with English speakers – many of our users, as well as many of our team members, are English-native.
A huge fan of collaboration – we’re looking for someone who knows how to engage, collaborate and motivate others to foster healthy discussions.


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