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Full-Time Anywhere Closes: 2021-01-15

Are you looking for a unique opportunity? Join our team!

What to expect?

Before applying for the job of Product Manager at GraphAware, you should first answer YES to all of the following questions:

  1. Are you someone who constantly strives for excellence?
  2. Do you take ownership of your work as well as the work of your team?
  3. Do you believe in the value of graphs?
  4. Does customer success drive your motivation and passion?
  5. Do you want to make a real difference and influence the success of the company you work for?

Agreed to all the above? Then continue reading and most importantly, APPLY!

As a Product Manager, you will be in charge of our core product Hume. You will make sure that we are building the right product that solves our customers’ business problems and coordinate all the efforts that lead towards our ultimate goal – increasing the number of satisfied Hume users.

First of all, you will understand and contribute to the product vision and know all of the product’s features inside out. You will carefully listen to our customers, collect their feedback, analyse data about the product usage, and combine these observations with your experience in order to constantly and relentlessly propel Hume to the next level.

You will design features with the customer’s hat on, consult with our engineering and data science teams on the art of the possible, think through and describe new features, and place them into an always-prioritized backlog. You will make sure that priorities reflect the current reality which tends to change quite frequently in a fast-paced environment like GraphAware.

You will maintain the roadmap of Hume and make sure that it is communicated internally to our engineering, support, sales and marketing teams, as well as externally to our customers and partners. Finally, you will work with our admin and finance teams to make sure we have the right processes and legal paperwork in place to efficiently serve our customers, while staying compliant and organised.

Here is the bullet point list of main responsibilities.

  • Know the product, its vision and features inside out
  • Help create appealing product demonstrations
  • Collect customer feedback and analyse product usage metrics
  • Design features that solve customers’ business problems
  • Collaborate with UX designers to come up with the best possible user experience
  • Solicit feedback from the engineering team on technical feasibility of feature implementations
  • Help the engineering team to make sure their understanding of requirements and priorities is crystal clear
  • Write acceptance criteria
  • Own the product backlog, keep it clean and prioritised at all times
  • Manage the product roadmap and plan for its delivery
  • Assist the sales and marketing teams in understanding the product’s capabilities and future plans
  • Coordinate major releases across all company departments
  • Make sure that documentation as well as the right tools and processes are in place for excellent customer support
  • Support finance team in accounting for revenue and costs correctly
  • Make sure that commercial licence agreements are in place and up to date
  • Make sure that the product is compliant with applicable laws and regulations (GDPR, export control laws, etc.)

If you want to succeed, we believe, you need to have the following skills/background:

  • To perform and understand the core aspects of the job
      • At least 5 years of experience in a Product Management role of a software product
      • Excellent leadership and vision skills. Able to look at the big picture, put things into context, and prioritize for a team
      • Data-driven: adept at gathering and using offline and online data for experimentation and decision-making
      • A good overview of technologies and products that deal with data analysis
      • A good understanding of how Cloud / SaaS offerings work
      • Previous work experience from agile environments
      • Strong presentation skills
      • High-level understanding of Data Science and Machine Learning concepts
      • Experience with product and project management tools, e.g. Productboard, Atlassian products, etc.
  • Bonus skills
      • Experience in Intelligence, Law Enforcement, Cyber Security, Military, or Fraud Detection domains
      • Some knowledge of graph database / graph data visualisation concepts
  • To fit the profile and possess the soft skills we are looking for
    • Strong sense of ownership and responsibility
    • Ability to break down bigger tasks into smaller chunks in order to tackle them effectively
    • Attention to detail
    • Proactivity and drive, coming up with new ideas
    • “Can-do” and “Get-it-done” attitude; Agile approach to problem-solving
    • Excellent time management skills
    • Passionate about what you do
  • To blend in well with the team and understanding our company culture
    • Good interpersonal and communication skills
    • Good understanding of different communication styles and cultural differences
    • Fluent in English, knowledge of other European languages is more than welcome

What we offer

We offer a great opportunity to play an important role in a global technology company with a very unique company culture and to participate in the evolution of a product that is competing with big names. Hume is already being used by very important companies in multiple industries. We are currently entering a new era in the life of the company with great challenges ahead of us.

Working with us means:

  • Opportunity to act as a mentor to junior talents within the company and pass the knowledge
  • Strong support from our Chief Scientist and the rest of top management
  • Place where you can actually influence how we do things
  • Working for an attractive international advanced-tech company
  • Open environment for own initiative and creativity
  • Significant potential for professional growth
  • Flexibility to balance your personal life and work
  • Fun environment and great office culture
  • Competitive remuneration

Who we are
Consultancy & SW Development Company – 11 to 50 Employees
GraphAware is the world’s #1 Neo4j Consultancy. GraphAware specialises in consultancy, training, and software development related to Neo4j – the most popular graph database on the market. As an official Solution Partner of Neo4j (the company), GraphAware helps clients all around the world succeed with the graph technology by providing expert hands-on guidance for software development projects. Graph Aware Limited was founded in June 2013 in the United Kingdom and has offices and staff in the UK, UAE, Australia, Italy, France, and the Czech Republic.
GraphAware is a multinational, multicultural team of people who are experts in the fields of software development, databases, graph theory, and machine learning. We are passionate about what we do and performing above expectations is the norm. Our company prides itself on teamwork, excellence, and fun at the workplace. We love seeing our people grow professionally and support their careers in the direction of their desire.

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