Senior Product Manager

In short: We’re looking for our first product manager to own and build the product process.

About zeroheight
We make it easy for anyone to create and maintain a design system. This opens the door to a new product workflow where designers and developers are properly on the same page. Larger companies (such as Google or Facebook) already have good tools for this workflow but we’re providing the same quality of tooling to everyone. We’ve grown to 900+ paying customers by focusing on our user’s needs and setting a high bar for design. We’re a team of 11 – eager to keep growing and delivering on our vision – come help us!

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Why is this role exciting?
• We think this is a great time to join zeroheight; we’re growing fast and we’re at the cutting edge of the UX industry. The role comes with equity to provide ownership and the ability to grow with the company. Thanks to the backing of investors like Y Combinator and Adobe, we have everything we need to become the leader in design systems.

• As we’re early-stage, you’ll be responsible for helping us build a great product process. You’ll work in collaboration with the rest of the product team to build a process that scales as the company matures and allows us to keep delivering value. We’re heavily inspired (if you’ll pardon the pun) by the work of Marty Cagan and we’re focused on keeping our product teams empowered.

• You’ll be responsible for creating and delivering the product roadmap. Once you’re up to speed with the constraints and context of the business, you’ll be given ownership of the process and the autonomy to build great products.

• This is a great opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of UX design. Our users are primarily designers and respond to products with great design. We feel that our design quality is one of our competitive advantages and you’ll contribute towards maintaining this.

The role
You’ll join as our first product manager, working alongside our designer, engineers and two founders. You’ll be responsible for discovering and prioritising user problems to create the product roadmap. You’ll then work with the team to find solutions that deliver value for both the user and the business. You’ll report to our CTO, who is also currently heading up design and engineering.

To enable this, you’ll need to build a deep knowledge of our users, their problems and how they use the product. You’ll also need to understand the business constraints from sales, success, support, legal, the founders etc. Finally, you’ll need to build a great understanding of the wider design tools industry and competitive landscape.

You’ll work under the assumption that outcomes beat output; shipping is necessary but not sufficient. You’ll work with our data analyst to measure how features perform, only satisfied when it’s verified they’re delivering value.

As you won’t be directly managing the product team, you’ll need the ability to influence your teammates and stakeholders using data and logic. You should be conversant in three functions (design, engineering and business) such that you can speak to everyone in their own language.

For more info, here’s what your first 6 months on the job could look like


  • 5+ years experience performing a product role in a cross-functional team
  • Knowledge of the techniques and methods of modern product discovery and product delivery, such as prototyping, user research, MVPs, roadmapping and PMF
  • Ability to figure out solutions to hard problems with many constraints, using sound judgement to assess risks, and to lay out your argument in a well-structured, data-informed, written narrative


  • Experience primarily in SaaS technology companies
  • Knowledge of multiple functional areas such as product management, engineering, product design, sales, customer support, finance or marketing
  • Passion for good design and an interest in the UX / UI space
  • Experience building strong processes in small (but growing) product teams


  1. Hello 👋 (45m, video call)
  2. Case Study 💼 (1h, video call)
  3. Team interview 🤝 (1h, video call)
  4. Founder interview 🌱 (1h, video call)

We make a decision quickly and let you know
That’s it. Now don’t be shy ⤵️

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