Full-Time Remote (North America, Western Europe) Salary: $100-120k + 2% equity

Large and mid-size enterprises have a huge need for up-to-date sector and country-specific information and expertise, in support of their operations across global markets. Today, these insights are locked up in silos with policymakers, boutique lobby firms, and expensive consultancies. Axis is the first platform that instantly surfaces business-critical data, making it easily accessible, actionable, and integrated into key enterprise workflows.

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Information synthesis has always been challenging. However, with ever shortening news cycle and cost of production, the process by which we make decisions today is overwhelming for most organizations. Discipline and willpower are under constant demand. Intuition and analysis are in perpetual conflict with each other when they should be in a virtuous loop. Axis wants to change this for the enterprise.

Every externally-facing corporate function is an infinite five-question loop:

  1. What is happening?
  2. What does it mean?
  3. What does it mean to me?
  4. What could I do?
  5. How should I go about that?

With those questions in mind, Axis is a modular solution that enables enterprises to make informed decisions about where and how they should deploy their political, financial, and social capital.

A mission control with a database as singular and immutable record with, effectively, infinite content, representations, and functions all navigated from a dashboard. Axis becomes a singular seamless experience with infinite modes and journeys to achieve customers’ five-question set goals.


What we want our customers to feel

  • Trust: I believe what I see
  • Agency: I can navigate this in any way I want
  • Delight: I enjoy using this more than the status quo

What we want to be

  • Honorable: honest and accountable
  • Excellent: great and fast

Our immediate focus is on the policy departments in highly regulated B2C industries: Technology, Consumer, and Healthcare. Snickers bars, aspirin pills, and Netflix shows are standard products sold anywhere from Chicago to Lagos and Hanoi. These multinational consumer-oriented companies must continuously deal with vastly varying macro (political, economic, cultural) and regulatory ecosystems. Since launching we’ve closed several fortune 1000 companies and have strong pipeline of the same.



We are looking for a Product Manager (PM) to own the vision and execution of the product. At the core, your role is to synthesize organizational knowledge to make product and development decisions. You will be communicating with employees, partners, and customers to ensure that the product continues to be in service of the customers use cases and analysts’ needs. You will work directly with the CEO, be part the founding team, and the first product hire.

  • Ideally
    Fascinated by information architecture and the potential for reimagining its mediums of consumption
  • In-depth knowledge of agile methodology for product development
  • 3+ years of experience in a similar role
  • Worked on enterprise software
  • Clear communicator
  • Strong documentation ethic
  • Highly empathetic to engineering, design, and sales teams’ priorities and ensuing trade offs


  • Manage product from ideation through sunset, with responsibility for ensuring that deliverables are understood and releases are delivered on time
  • Run agile product development process from product management point of view
  • Serve as an in-house expert for our products and become the go-to person for all functional issues
  • Collect and analyze feedback from customers and other stakeholders, to inform product strategy
  • Work with QA engineers to create test plans

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