Product Designer

Full-Time London Salary: £35k - £65k

A bit about us

Before we tell you about what we do, let us tell you about who we are. We are a fiercely ambitious team striving to make a big impact. We set goals that are so bold that at other companies, one might be tempted to dismiss them out of hand. We are voracious learners – inside and outside of the workplace. We value everyone’s ideas equally and look at performance alone – your on-paper experience before you join becomes irrelevant the day you step in. We think logic should be the basis of all decision-making. We are transparent with our strengths and weaknesses. We believe success is not an accident. We want work to not feel like work. And sometimes we don’t behave – many a football has been thrown around Stint HQ.

We might have an informal culture, but we have a very serious mission – supporting high street businesses up and down the UK as they fight for survival, and transforming the world of work for students. We help businesses with a new way of running their operations that dramatically improves their profitability, while empowering all university students – who can order meals, movies, cabs, and pretty much anything other than earn money, at the touch of a button – to work anywhere, anytime, with anyone.

We have purposefully been keeping a low profile, but today we have a team of 60+, over 25,000 students signed up to do Stints, and work with some of the biggest hospitality businesses in the industry. And we haven’t even really gotten started. We’ll be trying to break records in terms of the speed of our growth in 2021, as we rapidly expand to all corners of the UK and beyond, supporting the recovery of the hospitality industry. Our market is immense, our product-market fit is indisputable, and our team is made up of talented colleagues who are driven to propel Stint through to its next stage of growth.

We’re looking for someone who believes in our mission and embodies four principles that we believe to be core to who we are – Kindness, Integrity, Ambition, and Energy. We want everyone to love what they do, continuously take on new challenges, and be inspired to build long-term relationships with colleagues as they grow with Stint. And we have a strict no-ego policy. The way we work doesn’t suit everyone, but if the above excites you as much as it does us, please do drop us a line.

We look forward to meeting you!


What you will be doing

As a product designer at Stint, you’ll be working closely with our product and engineering teams to craft functional and beautiful experiences. You, being a core member of the team, will contribute to the most imperative parts of the product development process at Stint, which includes understanding user needs through research, conceptualising complex ideas into interactive prototypes, validating ideas through user testing, designing detailed high-fidelity interfaces, collaborating with the engineering team to ensure high quality implementation, and exhaustively testing the product to be confident that we’re shipping a product that meets all requirements.

We are looking for a mixture of levels and experience to join the team on a rolling basis; so if you like the sound of us please get in touch and we can see where you might fit!


  • Create unified, end-to-end experiences through close collaboration with team members from across the product and engineering teams
  • Advocate for design by presenting your work cross-functionally, while being able to precisely articulate design rationale
  • Own every aspect of the product’s design, from solving the core user challenge to shipping a well-tested and pixel-perfect UI
  • Design high-fidelity UI and UX specs to clearly communicate requirements to the engineering team
  • Help make high-level strategic decisions with the design and product teams


  • Ability to communicate articulately your thoughts and motivations
  • A keen eye for visual UI details
  • Self-motivated and able to efficiently run with a project without close supervision
  • Passionate about creating products that resonate emotionally with people
  • Along with core principles of product design, you also have a deep understanding of composition, typography, balance, symmetry, and white space
  • A strong portfolio of past work, which includes detailed mockups and interactive prototypes
  • Experience with Sketch / Figma

What we can offer you 

  • Social, friendly and welcoming team
  • Fast path to promotion and increased responsibility
  • Opportunity to grow with the company
  • Share options