We are looking for a Sr. Product Manager with experience launching full products from start to finish and a can-do attitude to join our multidisciplinary team. You’ll be highly integrated with the business, product, design, and engineering teams and work as a product manager across client-facing and internal projects. We’re looking for motivated individuals that are excited about learning and growing as an individual as well as actively improving the wider team.

Specifically, the job consists of four main components:

  • Client Management: Silicon Valley Insight is primarily a full-service software consultancy – we build software products for our clients. As a Sr. Product Manager, you will be expected to lead engagements with the client, which will include, but is not limited to, speaking with the client to fully understand their business needs, presenting product demos to the client, and ultimately building a relationship with the client.

  • Product Management: After speaking with the client and understanding their needs, a Sr. Product Manager will document the needs collaboratively with engineers and designers such that they can build the desired product. Over the course of a project, you will also test the product iteratively and give necessary feedback to work towards the client’s vision.

  • Project Management: In parallel with client and product management, a Sr. Product Manager is also responsible for managing the delivery of the project. This translates to working closely with engineers to build out a project timeline and product roadmap, running daily standup meetings / retrospectives, and notifying internal SVI stakeholders as well as the client how the project is tracking against the promised delivery date.

  • Mentorship: SVI aims to build a community of individuals who build on each other’s talents whenever possible. As a Sr. Product Manager, you will have the opportunity to mentor, train, and develop junior PMs and junior Designers on skills ranging from writing technical documentation to leading other team members.

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