Product Manager (Revenue and Accounts)

Full-Time Anywhere

Whereabouts: We work from everywhere within CET +/- 7 hours
Interviews: Around 4-6 hours over a few weeks, including some practical work
Salary: £70,000 – £90,000 (please do not let salary be a block to your application, we can absolutely discuss what an ideal offer may look like to you)
Reporting to: Ingrid Ødegaard, CPO
Ask us anything:

“A great product manager has the brain of an engineer, the heart of a designer, and the speech of a diplomat.” Deep Nishar

Your mission at Whereby*
To build strong and lasting customer relationships, through managing pricing models and account management functionality that makes it easy for customers to grow and manage their accounts. As Whereby is growing at a high rate, you will be central in working with management to ensure our plans & pricing is an enabler for further growth, and that our billing operations scale.

*This is the mission that moves you and your team through our strategic roadmap, and should be your focus for up to a year or two.

What is Whereby all about 
Freedom to work from anywhere: our mission with Whereby is to give people freedom to live and work where they thrive.
📍 Our global HQ is in Oslo, Norway, but our users (and team) are worldwide – having been used in nearly every country in the world by millions of folk. 🌏
By making it possible to collaborate as well over video as you can in real life, we want to give you the choice to work from where your life happens. To allow you to be in a place where you can think and focus, but also allow a seamless and instant connection with others when you need to.

For our 80 team members, and also for our customers, we know that the ability to decouple location from work can be life-changing. They can afford the house they want, can spend less time commuting, be closer to nature, and their children get to grow up seeing their grandparents every day. Everyone on our team enjoys the enormous benefits that a flexible work policy brings, and we truly believe the future of work will gravitate towards our vision of the future.

Product at Whereby
We strongly believe in the superpowers of an empowered, passionate and cross-functional product team. We are a product-led business who strive to evolve our product alongside users, exceed their expectations, and delight them. We try to ensure both that we are building the right thing and building the thing right. We analyse data, talk to users, prototype, and iterate. We focus on discovering and solving user problems, not just building and shipping features. As a member of our product team you’ll take on a key role in this process and see your work be used by millions of users worldwide.

🔍 What we’re looking for in our Product Manager
We’re looking for someone who understand conversion, retention and billing for a self-serve product, and ideally have experience with SaaS freemium self-service sales funnels. You understand the complexities of a global billing operation and how the product is our core sales channel. You are customer-centric, make data-informed decisions and have a passion for product reliability and scalability, with great abilities to process and synthesize information.

🌎 We believe in everyone
We fundamentally believe talent is distributed to all of us in equal measure. We open our doors (physical or url) to everyone and we see our differences as a strength; it’s this philosophy that drives us towards our mission.

This means we see your unique history as having a value money cannot buy; we believe in the strength of every intersection of race, religion or belief, ethnic origin, different physical ability, family structure, socio-economics, age, nationality or citizenship, marital, domestic or civil partnership status, sexual orientation, gender identity.

⚒️ The nuts and bolts of the role*
* Please do not see everything in this job ad as “must have”, but rather a guiding list of what we’re looking for. We know that no candidate will be the perfect match for all we’ve mentioned in this posting, so don’t be afraid to apply if you feel you’re close to the brief but not “spot on”.

Your attributes
📈 Strategic, commercial and analytical, with a product mindset
💛 Empathetic and collaborative
💪 Disciplined
👩🏾‍💻 Data-informed
🏗 Operational (in the detail)

Your previous experience

  • You are currently a Product Manager, Head of Product or similar,
  • You have worked with product-led growth, and understand the self-service sales model of freemium products,
  • Understanding of core SaaS revenue metrics is a must
  • Experience working with billing systems such as Stripe, Recurly, e-commerce billing solutions etc. is a big plus
  • Are driven by building scalable self-service solutions that work for millions of users,
  • Have proven ability to and thrive with handling large and complex operations and projects (we have paying users in 150+ countries)
  • You have proven experience with product management and driving a customer-centric strategy based on user research, data, and experimentation,
  • You have led a cross-functional team with engineers, product managers, marketers, and designers.

How we’ll measure your success🌟

  • Core revenue metrics, including a special focus on expansion revenue and churn
  • Customer satisfaction (NPS)
  • Your team’s retention and happiness (ENPS)

Strategic responsibilities

  • As part of our product management team, continually develop our product by understanding our users and the problems we solve for them.
  • Own, maintain, and evolve the product areas of Account management (login, settings, room and user management), Billing (order flow, business logic & billing settings, underlying billing infrastructure and payment systems), Churn prevention, systems and tools for Invoicing, VAT and revenue reporting.
  • Own and steer by key metrics for your area; overall revenue metrics (MRR, ARR), account retention, churn, expansion revenue, reactivation.
  • Work with exec. mgmt on plan and pricing strategy, drive quarterly research work and come up with recommendations for adjustments.
  • Work with Engineering and Finance to ensure product reliability and scalability, ensuring engineering buy-in for strategy and projects, and prioritisation.
  • Lead an empowered team composed of a product designer and engineers through decisions, processes, and culture in a way that creates value for both our users and our business.
  • Bring forward product-elevating ideas to further our teams and company (even if they challenge the status-quo).

Tactical responsibilities

  • Scoping and following up larger projects, in a way that team members and stakeholders feel involved.
  • Work with other PMs and stakeholders across the company, on shaping your roadmap and priorities. As your team will be managing several shared components serving our two business areas (Meetings and Embedded), it’s important to understand how your work will unblock other teams.
  • Building and maintaining a product and engineering road map for your product area.
  • Together with the Product Management team, make decisions that concern the product team as a whole, to ensure consistency across the product suite.
  • Work together with other product teams on developing the overall product road map.
  • Together with the Product and Engineering Management teams, build processes to ensure consistent quality and coherence in design, communication, and product performance.

Foundational responsibilities

  • Manage a cross-functional product team and steer day-to-day work on development within your product area.
  • Synthesize information from a variety of sources to maintain and develop your part of the product road map.
  • Evaluate if the team is doing the right thing and has real impact; adjust strategy and priorities accordingly.
  • Communicate strategy, ideas, priorities, plans, effect and learning to your team and the wider company in an efficient and inspiring way.
  • Coach team members on quality of product work, giving and receiving feedback, understanding product/design/engineering processes, and cultural knowledge-gaps.
  • Evaluate team members as part of performance evaluation process.
  • Contribute to recruiting processes for new members in your team and in the company

Your progression

  • We have a program designed to support people who want to move into People management, and also offer expert track within product management.
  • Plan and pricing structure is a key competitive factor in our industry, and we have exciting plans on how to use this to expand our market share.
  • Your team’s effort will be essential to driving commercial results and keeping our customers happy!

You’ve read all this way… you may as well apply! 🙌

If you have any more questions drop us an email to

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