“Zalando is going to become a fashion platform and eventually the number one tech company in Europe.” Robert Gentz, co-founder & managing director Zalando

Want to make your mark at one of the most successful Fashion and Tech companies in Europe? Enjoy combining business knowledge with customer insights and state-of-the art technologies? Want to make the lives of customers and users better every day?  Want to benefit from the market-defining knowledge and scale of resources that only a firm like Zalando can offer? Then join our Product Team @ Zalando Tech.

What excites you?

Our mission is to become the number one global platform connecting fashion with people. Our challenges along the way: handle massive amounts of data, cater for ever changing user demands, design and implement systems that enable the best merchandising and logistics processes in the industry and build an architecture and products that truly scale (> 1bn users).

As a Product Specialist/Product Manager your success is measured by the following key objectives:

  • Change the lives of your customers: No matter whether you work on a new customer-facing app, our pricing engine or new fulfillment solutions, you will make a significant contribution to changing Zalando and improving the lives of your customers – day by day.
  • Advance on your Tour of Mastery: You are already a product management professional but at Zalando your Tour of Mastery does not end here. You will learn and grow your skills as you work on multiple products over time. With each step, you become better at product management until you can join the circle of Product Owners at Zalando.
  • Become part of something bigger: While you will focus on one product at any point in time, you are also a professional member of our Product Management Team. You will live our values and make the entire Product Organisation stronger by contributing to cross-product initiatives and by sharing your knowledge and learnings.

What it takes to succeed

  • Master of multiple domains: Can you bridge the natural divide between business and technology? Can you understand the commercial strategy behind your product and discuss the EBIT impact of a new feature with your commercial colleagues? Great! Can you also do user research and product discovery to get to the right user stories that really give our customers what they need (and not just what they want)?
  • Analytical communicator: Are you a great communicator? Can you really get to the bottom of what users need? Can you ensure that all relevant stakeholders are aware of the product’s progress? Great! But do you also bring the analytical skills and rigor to analyze large sets of data to evaluate opportunities and support your Product Owner in making well-founded product decisions?
  • Thoughtful pragmatist: Can you get things done? Can you bring together all the input you have collected from interviews and data to help the team decide what to build? Don’t waste your own time with too much research but don’t jump to conclusions too fast either; development capacity is a very precious resource.
  • Effective networker: We believe in autonomous teams that can own and drive topics without much central steering. We rely on people talking to each other to identify interdependencies, sources of mutual value, but also potential conflicts. How fast can you build your personal network to add value to right discussions and make sure that you leverage synergies and see opportunities? Will people come to you as a thought partner and natural collaboration partner?
  • Continuous learner: We know that you are an experienced product management professional. But do you have the passion and drive to keep on top of all of the product innovations out there and to keep refining your toolset? Will you be able to work on very different products as your career progresses? E-Commerce is changing fast and so is Zalando. Will you keep up?

What do we require from you?

If you can accomplish the above, you have what it takes. If you are not sure — ask someone in a similar role. If they think you´ve got what it takes, go ahead — apply!

What we will offer you:

  • At Zalando you can have impact and be part of something bigger at the same time. We will once again revolutionize the fashion industry and as a Product Specialist/Product Manager, you can be at the centre of the storm, working with the teams that change the game.
  • At Zalando you can grow, personally and professionally. We will fully support you on your personal Tour of Mastery and be there to provide you with experienced thought partners and multi-source feedback. You can create your own opportunities, while we encourage you to take risks. Don’t be afraid of failures. Learn from them.
  • Finally, have fun! We provide one of the most international environments you can find and are dedicated to making your job fun. We know that you can only give your best, if you enjoy it. With our weekly Tech Talks, more than 100 guilds (from our API guild to our football or gaming guilds) and our semi-annual Hack Week, you can build your own Zalando experience.

Want to join one of those teams? Then go ahead and apply!

  • Fashion Store App (Berlin)
  • Smart Inventory (Dortmund)
  • Transaction Handling (Berlin)
  • Warehouse Automatization (Erfurt)
  • Revenue Protection (Berlin)
  • Payments (Dortmund)
  • Pricing (Berlin)
  • Zalon Customer Web and Apps (Berlin)
  • Zalon Stylist Tooling (Berlin)
  • Incentives (Dortmund)
  • Consumer Data Marketplace (Berlin)
  • Data Infrastructure (Berlin)
  • Customer Data Plattform (Dublin)
  • New Article System (Dublin)