Lead Product Designer

At Innovamat, we are in the Sherlock Holmes mood looking for a Lead Product Designer to come and lay the foundations of our Product Design. If your friends define you as someone hands-on and unafraid of challenges, keep reading!

About us?

Innovamat is a project that wants to revolutionize the learning of mathematics. We want to transform the classroom to excite, motivate and stimulate children by fostering meaningful learning. To achieve this, we develop high-quality resources that allow schools to achieve competency learning of mathematics through didactic, manipulative and digital materials, which facilitate the assessment, personalization of learning and the management of the 21st century classroom.

More than 100,000 students from 700 different schools use our teaching materials every day. And it is only the beginning of this revolution… We need you to make it global!

Who are we looking for? 🔍

At Innovamat, we are in the Sherlock Holmes mood looking for a Lead Product Designer to come and lay the foundations of our Product Design. If your friends define you as someone hands-on and unafraid of challenges, keep reading!

What does Innovamat have?

We currently have:

  • Two mobile applications for the education sector, one for schools and the other for individuals, with more than 100K active users spread over different countries. These applications allow you to enjoy and learn from more than 600 activities designed by our educational team.
  • A modern web platform that supports teachers in their day-to-day life, helping them to carry out their classes, providing them with access to more than 5000 original Innovamat educational resources.
  • Many, many data generated by the activities carried out by users, which serve as the basis for our adaptive and personalized learning algorithm, with the aim of providing help and guidance for the adequate progress of each student.
  • In addition to software we also design: Board games, notebooks, a series of 2D animation, manipulative materials …
  • And all these applications use different APIs.

How will you help us? 🙌

  • You will be part of the product team and determine the style of our entire suite. 
  • You will define the standards of usability and aesthetics and you will ensure that they are updated with international trends. 
  • You will design complete UI and high-quality final. 
  • You will validate your designs with the client, promoting a culture of research in the company. 
  • You will train the Designers, PMs and Devs team in UX and UI. 
  • You will mentor the team of 2 product designers, encouraging communication transparency and excellence in the work delivered. 

In addition to designing product and laying its foundations, you will have a voice in strategic decisions, providing UX and UI insights with the customer in mind.

How is our day to day?

We improve our product iteratively and incrementally, following the mantra:  “Quality is non-negotiable”

We organize ourselves in 2-week sprints, defined in a collaborative way between the technical, product and quality control team.

We believe in continuous improvement, and that is why we carry out training to share experience and knowledge. For this reason we believe that the willingness and openness to learn from and with others is also essential.

What do we expect from you? 📌

– Graduated in Design, Multiplatform Engineering or similar.

– +3 years of experience in UX / UI Designer or Product Designer roles in high growth startups.

– +1 year of experience as a manager of UX / UI Designers.

– Speed ​​and excellence in the work delivered.

– Excellent communication and teamwork skills.

– Ability to abstract from the company’s global product situation and at the same time be able to maintain focus and attention to detail.

– Product-oriented and consumer-focused mentality.

– Experience in defining and implementing a style guide and a UI kit in the final product.

– Experience in responsive design and multiplatform (web, desktop and mobile).

– Creativity to convert customer pains into solutions that our users love.

What can you expect from Innovamat? 

  • Competitive salary.
  • The opportunity to transform the education sector and see how more and more girls and boys rediscover and become passionate about mathematics.
  • Training and growth plan in a young, enthusiastic and dynamic environment.
  • Indefinite contract.
  • Full day with flexible hours.
  • Team building days and Innovamat Retreat at least a couple of times a year!
  • An environment in which we care, and a lot:
    • Trust in the team.
    • Communication from honesty and respect.
    • The feeling of belonging.
    • The intensity, the rhythm and the self-demand at work.

If you think you are the person we are looking for:  We would love to meet you!

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