Senior Product Manager

Full-Time London Salary: £55,000-£75,000 Closes: 2021-02-01

About The Company:
ClearGlass is a fintech startup that just raised a seed round from some of Europe’s most notable investors, including the backers of Revolut and Spotify.

We’re on a mission to help people across the world live a more comfortable retirement. We’re doing this by bringing much needed transparency to the pensions industry.

Almost everyone in the UK has a pension with a pension scheme. Pension schemes invest their members savings in asset managers, with the intention of increasing the value of the pension over time. In return for managing a pension fund’s savings, asset managers charge fees.

Before ClearGlass, pension funds had little understanding of what asset managers were charging them due to a lack of transparency in the industry. But by using ClearGlass, pension funds can:

  • Discover exactly how much asset managers are charging them
  • Compare costs between managers and against the market
  • Negotiate better deals with asset managers

The end result is that pension schemes spend less money on asset managers and pension scheme members will retire with a larger pension. If your pension scheme can reduce costs by just 0.25%, you will retire with a pension that is 7.5% larger.

Launched in January 2019, in less than 2 years we’ve onboarded over 400 Asset Managers, over 300 pension funds, and over £500 billion in assets. Last year ClearGlass was named Financial Technology Innovation of the Year and Tech Nation Rising Star. After the completion of our seed round we are now ready to scale and fulfil our ambition of bringing transparency to the savings industry so you can retire with a healthier pension. We’d love for you to join us on our journey.

About The Role:
We are looking to hire a Senior Product Manager to lead our journey to product-market fit. You will talk to customers to identify pain points and validate value hypotheses,  decide which products and features we will build, and work with a team of developers to build these products and features.

The role is an ideal fit for a product manager who is part of a product team at a successful startup and is now looking to step up to lead their own team. You will have the freedom and autonomy to build the product management function within ClearGlass.

You have the opportunity to disrupt one of the largest and most archaic industries in the world- the market we are targeting is worth $32 trillion globally. Your work is meaningful and helps people across the world retire with a larger pension.

When starting the role, you will have the assistance of a team of 6 developers and a UX designer. You will be reporting to the CEO.


  • Month-over-month, move closer to product-market fit
  • Talk to customers to ensure our product development is customer-centric
  • Develop our product roadmap
  • Manage the input of multiple stakeholders to ensure their voice is heard during the development of our product roadmap
  • Manage our development sprint cycles
  • Build out our product team over time


In your first 6 months, you’ll have achieved:

  • Identified how we can measure product-market fit
  • Built our handbook for successfully gathering customer feedback
  • Identified our value propositions and developed a product roadmap
  • Managed the building of products and features which get us closer to product-market fit

You are a good fit for the ClearGlass culture if you:

  • Are excited (and not daunted) about being an early-stage hire in a startup
  • Are humble- it’s all about the team at ClearGlass
  • Take ownership over your work
  • Are a self-learner
  • Have a product mindset- we are a product company, not a services company


  • Experience either being part of or leading a team which took a product from ideation to product-market fit
  • Experience conducting user interviews and user testing
  • Strong prioritisation skills
  • Experience managing the wants and suggestions of multiple stakeholders
  • Strong communication skills
  • Fluency with modern product management techniques such as lean startup, agile design, and data science.


  • Demonstrable experience making high-stakes product decisions
  • Experience conducting user research and user interviews with enterprise customers
  • Experience building products that involve complex data visualisation


  • £55k-£75k salary
  • Flexible working- like everyone, we are working from home at the moment but even post-covid we will continue with a mix of home and office working
  • Stock options
  • Meaningful work
  • Ownership-driven work- we encourage employees to manage their own workload, own problems, and initiate their own projects
  • The opportunity for personal growth as the company grows
  • Work laptop

Closing Date:
1st February