Product Growth Associate

Full-Time New York, NY, USA Closes: 2021-02-28

We’re looking for a Product Growth Associate to join our dynamic 35+ people team. We’re on a mission to become one of the top #25 third-party sellers on Amazon within the next 5 years. We’re in the top #1000 today.

Product Growth is a centerpiece to achieve this mission. This is an opportunity for a driven, young professional to be at the front and lead of growing a multi-brand e-commerce company from 8 figures to 9 figures in revenue.


You will drive Benitago’s product growth & development forward and launch ~20 new products per month across our different verticals (food supplements, beauty, pet supplies, baby supplies, home, etc.). You will work at the intersection of marketing and operations, and project manage a team of designers and copywriters to prepare go-to-market materials:

Marketing and management:

  • Given the product idea, research and identify a products potential USPs; turn the USPs and the associated costs to add those to the product (based on a conversation with the manufacturer) into a cost/benefit matrix to decide which features to add/leave out
  • Research and identify the product packaging options and turn those into a cost/benefit matrix to decide which packaging option to use
  • Project manage teams of 2-3 designers and 2-3 copywriters to create the marketing materials necessary to go to market (sales pages, product inserts, etc.) and manage/coordinate the delivery between manufacturers and marketing teams where necessary
  • Quality control/assess and approve the marketing materials as well as the production samples
  • Set up management and reporting systems to monitor the critical path and hold individual teams and team members accountable for their deliverables to ensure go-to-market within the deadlines
  • Create workflows/systems/SOPs where possible to automate and systemize the entire launch process, making the process faster, more efficient, and with fewer mistakes and fires
  • Optimize current products differentiation and profit margins, by e.g. cost-minimizing through packaging size/weight optimization or by adding value-add features that increase profit due to better differentiation

Operations & supply chain:

  • Manage manufacturer sourcing agents, source yourself, or tap into our existing supplier network to gather initial quotes for products and select/bid out suppliers based on your assessments
  • Discuss product features and packaging options with these suppliers to fill in the cost/benefit matrix for this product and perform full competitor pricing analysis
  • Coordinate the order handling and logistical handling with the logistics team
  • Review current KPIs/metrics on product quality, delivery, and profitability to identify areas for improvement, best practices, and future focus
  • Develop policies, procedures, practices, and processes to enhance overall product development outcomes, quality assurance, and cost-effectiveness
  • Serve as Benitago’s subject matter expert on all things product and develop product training material for sales and customer service
  • Lead compliance efforts to ensure products meet federal, state, and international regulatory requirements


  • 2-3 years of high-pace analytical experience in strategy consulting/investment banking
  • Excellent at qualitative and quantitative research (statistics/programming experience preferred)
  • Proficiency in spreadsheet analysis
  • High level of attention to detail
  • Very organized with multiple concurrent projects

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