Product co-founder

Part-Time Anywhere is “LinkedIn for Personal and Executive Assistants”.

Well, that’s how we describe it to be brief – our users tell us that that doesn’t do the site justice because we’re more awesome than that.  Either way, you get the idea – we help PAs and EAs connect and share information.

We do that because being a PA/EA is often a lonely job – in a small company you might be the only PA/EA and in a big company you sit with a team of executives.  So whilst the bankers are talking about banking, and the designers are talking about design…the PA/EA sits in the corner and can’t really talk to anyone about either personal or professional things.

Well, that’s what it used to be like…because now they use Executips to communicate.  Or rather 1,500 PAs/EAs use Executips – out of an estimated 400,000 in the UK alone.

We’re currently a 3 person “core” team – me in London, a developer in Lithuania and a designer in Romania.  I’m looking for an analytical product person to get involved, initially on a part-time basis but obviously with an option to go full time at the appropriate moment if all goes well.  We’re frankly not very good at measuring user behaviour on the site.  Your role will be to take the lead on measuring and analysing user behaviour using Google Analytics, our own data and anything else that you know and taking a strong part in the direction of our product backlog.

It’ll be fun, and if you share my vision, we’ll have retired to our yachts on the Med in no more than 3 years’ time.