Product Owner – Platform Lead

Responsible for a product line, including development, roll-out, and testing. Compiles reports on revenue and profitability. Conducts comparative analysis against competitors and provides strategic planning of product direction and features. Typically requires extensive marketing and technical skills and more than eight years of experience. Job Description:

  • Champion the product vision, strategy, and roadmap product goals and objectives.
  • Lead a team of product owners who will be responsible of individual products.
  • Collaborate with leadership team to encourage and embrace an empowering and healthy culture
  • Creates a team atmosphere that fosters creativity and innovation.
  • Lead the ideation, development, and launch of Minimum Viable Products and scale them when validated.
  • Act as a subject matter expert who leads the product team and gathers and maintains the product requirements from internal stakeholders and client feedback
  • Manage the entire product life cycle from discovery through creation and validation to production and repeat.
  • Breakdown the product vision into user stories, create storyboards, write specifications, prioritize features, build consensus, and coordinate product schedules with a team of engineers and designers. – Define and analyze metrics that inform the success of products.
  • Facilitate communication throughout the development process between internal stakeholders and customers while protecting the freedom and autonomy of the teams.
  • Maintain a balance between the needs of our customers and the needs of the business.
  • Coordinate and build strong working relations with various internal stakeholder groups, including IT, Engineering, and Legal.
  • Translate customer needs into business outcomes.



  • Excellent product judgment: You have an in-depth understanding of what makes a user experience good or bad, and strong intuition for what people want to do.
  • Serve as an expert across multiple business or system domains; is expected to lead development across multiple teams at the program and portfolio level.
  • Solid business acumen so you understand unit economics and P&L impact
  • Appreciation for detail: You easily recognize aesthetic and functional details and can make pragmatic decisions about what details are actually important.
  • Strategic insight: You understand the industry in depth, and can use your knowledge to predict the behavior of key players.
  • Comfort with Tech: we prefer a computer science degree or equivalent programming experience, but it’s most important that you can communicate effectively with engineers about product details and technical options.
  • Must possess strong understanding of Agile principles and methodologies
  • Leadership: Others naturally look to you for guidance. You understand group dynamics and can organize chaotic situations.
  • Terrific communication skills: You’ve got a high signal-to-noise ratio. You’re persuasive and sensitive to nuance.
  • Creativity: You love to solve problems large and small.
  • Writing ability: You could write final text for UI strings, marketing copy, or press releases. Your writing is pithy, clear, and in command of tone.
  • Work ethic: You work hard to keep your team as productive as possible.
  • Business case: You understand evaluating business needs and can build a case for products.
  • Nimble to deliver for customers: You know how to navigate hurdles and stay focused on great customer experiences working in a lean / agile product development environment.

Multi-Channel and Multi-Platform savvy: You know how to focus and deliver great experiences across mobile, tablet and web as well as with interactive voice and other modern systems