Full-Time London Salary: £50-65k


CRUX quantifies knowledge to create the world’s first knowledge GPS.

Our groundbreaking technology can measure how much a user knows, about any topic, based on the content they consume. We leverage this superpower to help users beat information overload, and reclaim the ability to successfully navigate and make progress in content saturated environments. For platforms – our SaaS product is pure engagement magic; for corporates – it’s a revolution in research efficiency and the foundation of a real knowledge economy.

Our vision is to become not only the first but the standard knowledge measurement unit, and to measure and guide knowledge exchanges everywhere from quality mass media to deep corporate and research spaces. A good GPS works everywhere.

What we’ve created and proven so far is like that first basic Lego block. But now that we have that first block – there’s no limit to what we can build together.

CRUX has recently completed a funding round and is backed by Founders Factory.


We are looking for a creative, pragmatic and original product manager with skills across the product development spectrum to help us transform a basic product and an incredible capability into a scaled product suite, serving both platforms and corporates. It’s the dream product-challenge.

  • Work closely with both founders (CEO and CTO) and our users and customers to formulate a structured and weighted hypothesis feature set which defines CRUX’s knowledge quantification product.
  • Formulate and execute research around new product offerings for new markets – defines objectives, gather and synthesize the data to form robust conclusions and strategic product options.
  • Build out existing and new features through a data-focused approach – including hands-on data analysis and framing of testing and learning strategies.
  • Ideate, sketch out, demo new product and feature options to drive both internal work and external info gathering.
  • Develop deep understanding of the technology and its implications – in CRUX there is an especially close connection between how the technology works and its potential product implications.


  • At least 4-5 years experience in a product management role, with at least 1 fast-paced SaaS startup role.
  • Proven track record of bringing new products to the market
    Proficient in fast-paced research, be able to run short iterative information gathering exercises and drive quick product decisions.
  • Strong UX capability – be able to design, sketch and test user flows. Being able to create clickable prototypes and user flows is a plus.
  • Tech savvy – You don’t need to read code – but you do need to be able to deeply understand the ‘how’ and the ‘so what’ of the algorithm, and what it may mean from a user and product perspective.
  • Data driven – be able to explore and understand deep data both on user engagement and the product development side.
  • Open and original – CRUX does something dramatically new. Be comfortable with doing things for the first time, with acting based on best practices, but without precedent.
  • Play to win. We do.
  • Be nice. We are.


CRUX is a close-knit team. We work together, we solve together. The challenges we set out to solve are big, and our vision is too. We are all in it for the full journey – and we are looking for equally committed people to join us.

We are focused on our mission and our objectives. But we have fun, a lot of it, along the way.

We are creative and open minded. If something has never been done – it doesn’t mean it can’t be done – in fact, it may well mean it should be done.

We solve together but we are also unique individuals. In CRUX everyone can be their wonderful specific-self: intellectually, professionally and personally. We are best when we are diverse.


The start-up dream journey. Be part of the early core  team, make a difference and go all the way with us. With a big vision, market traction, incredible tech and recent funding it’s a uniquely rewarding opportunity. Also:

  • £50-65k salary
  • Employee share options
  • Remote work (at least for now)
  • It’s a no on a ping-pong table (for now!)
  • It’s a yes on a company t-shirt (yay!)

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