Senior Product Manager

Product Manager – Orders (Checkout)

As a Product Manager you will own one or more products and be responsible for leading the full life-cycle of them, owning the vision, strategy and roadmap. You’ll take your product from ideation and discovery through design, delivery, preparation for launch, measuring of success, and iterations. Working closely with engineering, you are ultimately responsible for making sure we’re building the right things for customers of your products. Your partners in engineering are responsible for making sure we build these things in the right way, but both of you care deeply about both things – it’s one team!

At Cazoo we believe in autonomous empowered Product Teams. While there will be plenty of strong opinions across our business about what the right thing to build is, you and your team are responsible for rapidly evaluating these ideas using experimentation and data to determine what is the right thing to build for our customers and business. Don’t expect to be dictated to or told what to build!

About Orders (Checkout)
The mission of the Checkout team is to make buying a car a fast, painless and convenient experience that inspires confidence and trust. We also facilitate a unified, intuitive customer checkout journey and increase the value of the journey though conversion and added extras. We aim to create a seamless customer experience of purchasing a car with multiple add-ons and payment methods to make the car buying experience as easy as possible. Projects and initiatives may change depending on what will provide value to customers at any given time. Because of the breadth of improvements that can be made in this area; this role focuses on prioritising what will have the most impact, working closely with stakeholders to understand their problems, and being creative in providing great products.

Product Discovery
You will…

Work with your customers, team and stakeholders to identify problems to solve or opportunities for growth
Take responsibility for forming hypotheses and measures, and ensuring there is a backlog of epics with agreed priority
Formulate the vision, strategy and roadmap for your product area, ensuring alignment of strategic priorities and roadmap across entire product portfolio
Lead stakeholder sessions to determine key customer outcomes
Lead product discovery, collaborating with UX, User Research, Engineering and key business SMEs…
….utilising rapid experimentation via a toolbox of techniques (e.g., user testing, concierge tests, prototypes, fake doors, wizard-of-oz, demand tests, A/B or MVT, etc.)…
…to determine what the right thing to build is for your customers – supported by data and evidence – as quickly and cheaply as possible
Work with the business, technical and product teams to understand the needs of your customers
Champion solutions that work for our customers and the business
Define use cases and user journeys

You will…

Work in close partnership with your team’s Technical lead
Lead the product design and builds to ensure we deliver in an efficient, cost effective manner
Prioritise and set the team direction, creating a sense of urgency and momentum
Write user stories and acceptance criteria
Manage features through development, ensuring stakeholders are kept up to date
Break down your deliverables into smaller value chunks and iterate through delivery, releasing value early and often
Work closely with Tech lead and team to plan sprints, releases and coordinate across dependent products
Coordinate with key stakeholders to launch features (both externally and internally)
Monitor and measure the success of the feature/product
Lead decision on persist, iterate, or drop

We are looking for a Product Manager…
With experience in working out what the right things to build are (as opposed to being told what to build by someone else!)
With dual track (discovery/delivery) knowledge and ideally experience; at Cazoo we’re big fans of Marty Cagan
Who has worked with development teams to deliver amazing products with clearly measurable customer and business benefits
With great stakeholder management and facilitation skills
With an excellent sense of empathy for end-users
Who is comfortable with embracing ambiguity
With the ability to compromise in the right way
with a passion for product design
Who has a passion for bettering the product management practice
Who has experience working with other product managers in sharing ways of working to benefit the team
With demonstrable ability to rapidly gain in-depth knowledge of your product’s domain
Who loves collaboration and has experience in leading varied groups to swift decisions