Product Analyst with (Segment or Amplitude)

Full-Time Denver, CO, USA Salary: 85k-90k Segment or Amplitude highly desirable

POSITION TITLE: Product Analyst – Digital Solutions    

POSITION SUMMARY: Derive Product insights that result in the development of superior Digital products for a global customer base and contribute to enterprise-level growth and expansion. Ignite synergistic relationship with Product team including Product Owner and Design team to empower and to achieve.


  • Collaborate with the Product Owner to understand, prioritize, and solve the problems you’ve discovered in data
  • You will be translating technical information to non-technical people and vice versa
  • Turn solid insights into problems-to-be-solved by analyzing data to understand user journeys, customer funnels, and conversion drivers
  • Monitor the impact of features we launch and identify areas of improvement
  • Work in a fast-paced environment where iterating quickly is critical
  • Leverage cutting edge technologies such as Segment, Amplitude, or Iterable to connect with the product data narrative
  • Other duties as the need to meet the needs of the business


  • Demonstrated deep understanding in one of these three areas: Data, Design (UX) or Development and understands what a good product is.
  • Start-up experience is critical and understand the whole digital product line.
  • Have experience with our tools: Amplitude, Segment, etc.
  • Inquisitive and a critical thinker
  • A solid math and statistics background
  • You are resourceful and not afraid to roll up your sleeves
  • You have a lot of apps in your phone and you can distinguish what a good user experience is.
  • Curious, especially about what drives people to behave in a certain way and what goes into their decision-making process.
  • Ability to articulate the “why” behind your Product decisions clearly to the team and other stakeholders.
  • Demonstrated expertise using ​​​​​​Amplitude or Segment required.
  • Basic coding skills. Webflow is a plus. Javascript would be outstanding.
  • Start-up experience is critical.
  • Demonstrated experience wearing many hats and understand the whole product.
  • ​​​Design with the perspective of innovation and breaking the traditional corporate design trends.
  • Be an integrated part of the business.
  • Seeking innovator and groundbreaking trendsetters! 

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