Part-Time Remote Salary: £35-40k, pro rata Closes: 2021-03-22

carestockroom is making a big change for the people who lead small care businesses. We’re a new, welcoming online marketplace serving these time-pressed leaders with the products, service and support they need to deliver care services to their customers – the Amazon meets Mumsnet for professional care leaders.

We are partnering with a PaaS provider, and we want someone to work with us to take the lead in making our platform loved by our customers and phenomenally successful for our sellers.

We’re a remote working business, so the role is working from home, flexibly part time 2 days per week. Salary range is £35k – £40k, pro rata. Benefits include 28 days holiday (incl. public holidays) and 4 ‘care days’, along with business ownership opportunities.


The Digital Product manager will have two key responsibilities:

  1. Lead the optimisation and development of our e-commerce platform to provide a user experience which makes us to the go-to place to shop for our customers
  2. Help our sellers with merchandising techniques to maximise their opportunity to sell products on our platform

We need you to be the kind of person that a seller can trust enough to say they don’t understand and who has the patience and skill to help those sellers who are not digital experts use and make the most of our platform.

More specifically, you will approve the products that are sold on the marketplace, add, and edit photography, content, and reviews to make sure they are easy for customers to understand and help sell products. You will analyse and report on sales and the performance of the site journey alongside developing a roadmap with our e-commerce partner for future developments to the functionality of the platform. You will be able to create banners and basic creative for merchandising on the site.

You will support the development of own brand web stores for sellers and measure that our product categories have the range and depth of products to deliver on our one stop shop promise. You will initiate and implement customer and seller feedback on a regular basis to inform investment decisions to develop the platform.

Your strengths will include

●  Fundamentally oriented to being helpful
●  Working independently, flexibly, and responsively
●  Creative e-commerce merchandising and content management
●  Design capability with some programming know-how
●  Relationship builder
●  Analysing and creating new ideas from sales and website data
●  Problem solving
●  Reporting and action planning

Extras that we would love you to have
●  Experience working for or with an online marketplace
●  Knowledge of the care sector

We all spend a lot of our lives at work: it’s important that as human beings we work with people in ways that feel true to our principles. There will be lots of great people who could do this role, but only some for whom our principles – those beliefs we live by – will feel right.

carestockroom: our principles

1) Default female
●  Designed to women’s values, priorities, and tastes
●  Every customer and seller solution has to work for a woman with commitments as important as work
●  Ditto for the way we work within our business
●  Ditto for the way we work with wider stakeholders
●  … if we get it really right for women, we’ll get it really right for men too

2) Relationships, not transactions
●  We see every stakeholder as a whole entity, with as much complexity and richness as ourselves, and act on what we see
●  We earn trust
●  We are invested in the success of each other, our team, customers, sellers, and partners; success as they define it

3) Learn and earn together
●  We recognise success is built on (many) failures
●  Success results from being hungry to learn from everyone and everything – the world is rich with teaching moments when we make ourselves teachable
●  Seeing success and failure as a product of a ‘system’ – of people, forces – reveals more opportunities than seeing it as belonging to an individual
●  Being open to learn is hard when you’re competing against each other
●  Failure that doesn’t kill us is an indicator of appropriate risk being taken

4) Digital first

● Our assumption is everything can and should be done remotely, asynchronously ● But not everything is done better that way

5) Be good ancestors

● There will – we hope – be human beings who come after us: we will try not to f*** it up for them


Do we sound right for you? Great! Then please send us:

  • A short CV
  • 1-page note telling us a bit more about you – no need to be comprehensive, but give us one example of a piece of work you’ve really enjoyed doing and one thing you love doing outside of work and why

And we promise to respond to every application.

Our thanks,
Mindy & Lesley, co-founders

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