Senior Product Manager

Do you want to have a meaningful global impact and join a company with the mission to create products that inspire how work gets done? Then Appway is looking for you!

As a Senior Product Manager at Appway, you will define and manage products used by enterprise clients in financial services worldwide. You will facilitate across functions, disciplines, stakeholders, and teams to drive the whole product lifecycle, from definition to concept, build, launch, and through continuous evolution, making sure that your products deliver on Appway’s mission and strategy.

For this position, we are looking for a highly motivated self-starter with experience managing technical product design direction, who will be in the driver’s seat to define, evolve and evangelize the vision and concepts of Appway’s unique development approach. This is based on pre-fabricated software products and data-driven user-interfaces, that are coupled with extensive orchestration and integration capabilities.

You will hold the reigns on a seamless developer experience based on a unified development model, ensure that a common API design philosophy is employed across products, and define the concepts of how applications running on Appway are developed, tested, and deployed into production in Appway’s Cloud in a safe and streamlined way.

Are you the perfect fit for Appway?

  • You are passionate about all aspects of B2B enterprise software products
  • You believe in a low-code approach to accelerate digital transformation
  • You can break down complex problems into manageable steps
  • You live whole products thinking, knowing that everything is connected to your product from how it is designed and built to how it is sold, rolled out, delivered, supported, and how your product relates with other products inside or outside of Appway
  • You communicate clearly, concisely, and assertively; you build confidence through being opinionated and persuasive
  • You have strong technical communication skills, comfortable engaging in detailed technical discussions with experienced Software Engineers
  • You are able to drive people through indirect leadership, working cross-team and cross-functional
  • You grind it out, constantly looking for a way forward to deliver value
  • You are a team player; you see problems as challenges, not obstacles, and enjoy overcoming them
  • You take pride in delivering high-quality and thorough results.

Main Responsibilities

  • Build an in-depth understanding of our B2B customers application lifecycles needs, as well as systems integrations requirements and APIs
  • Communicate complex technical issues simply and convincingly to a wide range of stakeholders
  • Drive alignment regarding strategy and roadmap, and ensure that they are understood and internalized by all
  • Facilitate communication with other streams to ensure that all roadmaps and deliverables are aligned
  • Drive your products, from research to definition, design, implementation, roll-out, and communication while managing the expectations of internal and external stakeholders
  • Work closely with product engineers and product designers to deliver compelling business value through products with an outstanding user experience for end-users and developers alike
  • Proactively engage with internal and external stakeholders to deeply understand pain points, needs, and opportunities
  • Promote the business value and experience of your products for both end-users and developers, to business and technical buyers
  • Communicate incessantly inside and outside the organization, explaining the whys


  • 5-7 years previous experience as a Product Manager for B2B Enterprise Software, ideally Cloud- and subscription-based
    Knowledge of multiple functional areas (e.g., Product Management, Software Engineering, Product Design, product instrumentation and analytics, etc.)
  • Practical experience in object-oriented programming, API design, and client-server architecture
  • Knowledge of Cloud technologies, such as compute, storage, and network infrastructure as a service, is a plus
  • Experience working with customers in a product management environment
  • Experience in product discovery and ability to use data to understand customer needs, inform decision-making and uncover new product opportunities
  • Demonstratable experience in partnering effectively with product designers to shape products that deliver value for both users and the business
  • Demonstrable experience solving complex product and technical problems, requiring strategic and innovative solutions
  • Demonstratable experience working with cross-functional teams and across teams, developing and launching new products
  • Strong social skills and exceptional communication
  • Bachelor or Master Degree in a technical field, or equivalent practical experience
  • Fluency in English is a must

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