Product Manager (WEB & Onboarding)

BigCommerce is disrupting the e-commerce industry as the SaaS leader for fast- growing, mid-market businesses. We enable our customers to build intuitive and engaging stores to support every stage of their growth.

About the role

We are looking for a Product Manager to focus on two important areas: our site and all its international versions, and the in-product onboarding for our new and prospective customers. As a part of this role, you will work closely with a few engineering teams, product & marketing designers, as well as the rest of the Product & Engineering organization. In this role, you will need to be working with cross-functional stakeholders such as Marketing, Strategic Business Development Team, Finance and other teams to make sure that there’s a cohesive strategy across the board.

What you’ll do:
Be fully responsible for a few product domain areas ( and in-product onboarding) and leading development teams which provide a high quality product to the market.
Gather inputs from cross-functional stakeholders (Marketing, Business Development, Sales, Finance etc).
Define and communicate business outcomes and performance metrics to key stakeholders throughout the organization.
Enthusiastically lead your teams, consisting of developers, designers, and quality engineers, towards your vision with effective delivery.
Work collaboratively with your teams to break complex projects into small projects, with each iteration adding more customer value.
Prepare comprehensive Epics & Stories for your development teams.
Explain to the development team(s) all details of stories before/over development (organization of explanation process — planning, grooming meetings etc.)
Work with the Design team to design & prototype new features.
Validate new functionality with customers before development.
Demo new functionality to the stakeholders, the organization and customers.
Analyze the entire product and propose ways to improve it.
Analyze data to measure the impact of product improvements, and then iterate to constantly optimize performance.

Who you are:
Depending on the size and type of teams/companies you’ve worked at in the past, that could translate to anywhere from 2 to 4+ years’ experience in a hands-on product management role.
You’ve worked with different eCommerce, PIM or ERP systems, and you understand the needs and trends in the B2C and B2B eCommerce space.
You’ve shipped products that thousands of people use and love.
You have worked in SCRUM Agile methodologies and understand the process.
You’re passionate about building next-generation products for the fast-growing ecommerce industry.
You have worked on platform artifacts and understand services, APIs and frameworks.
You have a technical background, or have a technical orientation, enough to get in the weeds with engineers to understand the pros and cons of different technologies, design and potential solutions.
You have a laser focus on the customer which enables you to have a deep understanding of their pain points and how they use the product.
You use data to inform and defend your decisions.
You’ve proven you can execute high-profile projects in a fast-paced and cross-functional environment.
You’re able to develop a long term plan and then work with the team to break it into smaller chunks, each adding more customer value.
You value market research and, when it comes to the competition, you have your finger on the pulse.
You get excited about tackling big, complicated and often ambiguous problems.
You understand that human behavior is complex and changing behaviors is a lot harder than building features and technology.
You’re curious and love trying new things. You ask yourself “why did they build it that way?” or “what would happen if…?”
You think analytically.
You’re great at communicating and negotiating with cross-functional teams. You are a powerful influencer, and people like working with you even if they might disagree with you.
You’re energetic and creative – both key characteristics that describe you and the projects you lead. You have a bias for action and make things happen.
You have excellent written and oral communication skills.
You have an entrepreneurial mindset, with a bias for customer focused innovation.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion at BigCommerce

We have the opportunity to build not only a great business but a great company, with soul. Our beliefs and commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion are a central part of achieving that.

Our dedication to DEI is grounded in two things: a moral belief in the dignity, value, and potential of every individual, and a practical belief that diverse, inclusive teams will create the best outcomes for our customers, partners, employees, and company. We welcome everyone to be a part of our journey.