UI / UX Product Designer

We are Healum – a seed funded digital health company on a mission to improve and save 100 million lives across the globe. We believe that everyone should have access to better personalised preventative healthcare and healthcare professionals should be empowered to deliver this experience to their patients. Digital solutions can make this a reality. We build digital products to enable patients to monitor and understand their health, and software that empowers health professionals to achieve better outcomes with their patients. Our single aim is to maximise people’s engagement with their health by delighting them with products that make them feel confident, supported and motivated.

We are looking for a UI/UX product designer in London to transform healthcare and improve health outcomes. Our customers and users play the most important role in building our products. Are you someone who believes in working collaboratively to build magical user experiences involving our customers and users at every step? Do you embrace change and experiment? Are you excited about applying principles of psychology and behavioural science to inspire and motivate users? Do you value user’s feedback above all else? Would you be willing to give your life to create brilliant UX? – okay that’s a bit too much but you get the idea. The most important characteristic is that you can wear many hats across the product lifecycle – you’ll love getting your hands dirty with great UX / UI design and you’ll have a passion for playing a lead role in envisioning our product roadmap and strategy. You will work closely with the founders to combine service design and user experience to design customer journeys that genuinely enrich people’s lives. If you happen to love insights data from user testing, then we LOVE you.

You have

  • Expansive thinking and user centric design principles to deliver delightful and empowering products for healthcare professionals and patients through different screen formats
  • Vision – and lots of it. You can see what healthcare could look like in 50 years time and what we could contribute to that.
  • Passion to build products that enable sustainable behaviour change based on user insights derived from the power of big data
  • Ambition to successfully create products that are famous for delighting users and driving patient engagement
  • Wizardry to seamlessly weave iconography, typography, colour, motion and texture into the products to delight, inspire, engage and excite users
  • Crazy attention to detail – sleepless nights because a pixel in your design was out of place.

You also have

  • Previous startup experience – you thrive in conditions of uncertainty and pressure
  • Experience in designing experiences and products that engage users in changing or replacing their behaviour using behaviour science and psychology
  • Experience working with remote teams of designers and developers
  • High value for openness, humility, flexibility, collaboration, diversity and empathy
  • Experience in leading a team of designers to plan, cost and communicate design tasks
  • High value for diversity of thought and experience, and can effectively communicate and challenge ideas.

As one of our first team members, a typical day might include some of the following:

  • Work with the founders to evolve Healum’s proposition and its product roadmap through user research, key user insights and user centered design principles.
  • Work with our customers on the user profiles and UX journeys, to identify and uncover user pain points and needs; delivering sitemaps, information architecture, user journey maps, interaction and content strategy as a result.
  • Work with the development team on visual design of the UX / UI for our mobile and web apps and interactive elements of all the features; as part of our agile product & technology roadmap
  • Gain fast user feedback with static and interactive wireframes via platforms such as Flinto or InVision
  • Develop and infuse our brand identity, brand colours, typography, iconography into our products, website, sales and marketing materials
  • Inspire us with latest design and innovation trends especially in digital health and create some of your own.

To land this EPIC gig, you need…
Quality experience in product design, a degree related to product design or Visual Arts, insane knowledge of Illustrator, Sketch and one other tool of your choice, a mouth watering portfolio of doodles, case studies and past work, working knowledge of HTML, CSS, standard web design principles, mobile design principles for Android and iOS platforms and huge scale thinking!

Would you like to make a lasting impact in people’s lives and change them for better? Then send us some of your doodles and case studies, right away.

Please be based in London or willing to travel to London and absolutely NO design agencies.