Product Manager

About the Role

The Hub is a flexible back-office UI which sits at the heart of the JustRide platform and provides a consumer grade UX to our end users and internal team. It provides a powerful customer services interface along with data analytics and reporting capabilities that enable our customers to configure, manage and gain insights into their mTicketing operations.

This however is just the start of the journey, as the Hub Product Manager you will take ownership of the product and balance the strategic roadmap with customer requests along with improvements to the technology platform. You will work with the engineering team, UX designers and the other Product Managers to build an integrated best in class product experience.

In addition to being responsible for the on-going success and continuous improvement of the product you will:

  • Take a leadership role in balancing the needs of those using our platform, the Masabi business and the Hub engineering team.
  • Understand the platform at a detailed level, equally at the engineering / architectural, data analytics and usability levels.
  • Use this insight and understanding to make clear, data informed decisions..
  • Enable the product Engineers to find the most creative solutions by helping them understand the constraints they need to work within. The focus is to expand possibilities, not contract them with preconceived solutions.
  • Work with colleagues across Masabi to develop working code that ships regularly and learns quickly. Use a dual discovery and delivery mentality to test the most challenging problems before committing to a solution in code.
  • Prioritise the Hub product roadmap with support from the Senior Product Manager.
  • Clarify business priorities, roles and responsibilities and secure individual and team ownership.
  • Partner with the lead Engineer and QA to form a strong core of decision making.
  • Collaborate with all Masabi teams, build great relationships to facilitate smooth communication, with particular focus on Services, Business Development and Delivery.


You will be:

Passionate for all things product and be able to demonstrate key product skills:

  • Leadership – Be confident in bringing people with you.
    • Decision making – Make the tough calls and know why.
    • Negotiation – Understand what internal and external customers and stakeholders value and identify a way forward that delivers the best value and manages their expectations.
    • Attention to detail – Dig deep to get to know your product.
    • Evangelism – Stand up, speak out and let people know that you care about what you are building. Be ready to answer why your product exists and who it is valuable for.
  • Humble and willing to be part of a team that will deliver fantastic products together.
  • Someone who has strong desire to understand those using the products and make their day to day lives easier.
  • Excited to join a fast paced exciting environment full of people that like to celebrate success regularly.
  • Experienced in the delivery and ongoing management of web based products.
  • Be experienced in asking good questions and getting to the problem that needs solving, not the solutions someone wants.
  • Experienced in working directly with a team of cross functional, highly skilled product engineers.

Great if you have…

  • Experience of scaling a SaaS web platform used by large businesses.
  • Experience of using analytics to support decisions and drive improvement in existing products.
  • Hands on software development experience.