Product Manager, Data

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ZALORA is currently looking for a Data Product Manager to become part of our Product Management team working alongside other Product Managers, Designers and Developers. You will hold an end-to-end ownership of our customer behavior data and product analytics topics by designing, tracking and overseeing its implementation and integrity, analyzing data and providing and communicating insights.

  • Assisting with growth hacking experiment analysis, reporting, results interpretation and next steps recommendations
  • Producing insightful reports and data visualization along a weekly and monthly cadence on experiment progress, to inform future experimentation decisions
  • Being extremely close to our product metrics to be able to regularly come up with novel insights/ideas to populate our experiment backlog
  • Supporting with backlog item impact projection, ensuring that experiment hypotheses are logically and statistically sound
  • Enhancing existing data quality and structure through regular reviews and audits, and putting together requirements for ad-hoc data cleanup tasks
  • Identifying opportunities for reporting overhead optimisation, automating reporting where needed with our customer-facing squads

In the mid-to-long term…

  • Transition into a PM role with a dedicated squad, completely owning the data topic in its entirety across the company and managing a Scrum team of engineers to help achieve your data vision
  • Begin thinking outside of our existing data structure and putting together a roadmap for what it could/should be, even if radically different from the present situation
  • Unify and standardise the company’s entire tracking structure across all departments, marketing, product, onsite, campaigns, etc.
  • Explore wildly different alternative solutions to our data tracking, driving and leading any data migration projects, e.g.: Segment, Mixpanel, Amplitude, etc.
  • Acting as the data thought leader within the company, i.e.: the go-to person for best practices on data interpretation, event tracking and tagging structure, and statistical analysis


  • Google Analytics (certified), Tag Manager, Big Query / SQL proficient
  • Good knowledge in R and Python for statistical analysis
  • Strong knowledge in experimentation / A/B testing tools and best practises
  • Strong knowledge in e-commerce KPIs
  • Strong knowledge of Customer Data Platforms

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