Product Manager

Sidekick is an internal team collaboration platform run by a fully remote team scattered across SE Asia that is working to replace Slack as the market leader.

We are seeking an experienced Product Manager with a background in Design Thinking and UX.

You will work directly alongside Sidekick’s exec team as a key member of the product team, driving long-term focus and stability on our product in a way that Marketing and Tech can prepare for launch.


Who you are:

  • Someone who can take a next-generation product and make it become the staple remote team collaboration system worldwide.
  • You have a strong understanding of product management and design thinking.
  • Comfortable with defining and developing deeply detailed user persona profiles.
  • Comfortable with defining and mapping user journeys.
  • A deeply analytical mind so you can identify and solve problems from a high, middle, and low level.
  • You have experience with ProdPad or another product management software.
  • Great at taking feedback from users and management to identify the most useful roadmap.


What you will do:

  • Work with the executive team on how to ensure the Product roadmap.
  • Use ProdPad to take ideas from the top and prepare them for the Project Manager, and map them to Jira for the Project Manager to work with.
  • Collect user feedback to ensure we are hearing them.
  • Help users think less (minimize cognitive load and context switching.)
  • Research users, Understand their personas, Identity pain points, Rapidly prototype and test concepts, Ensure what we are going to ship is the best quality possible.



  • 5+ years in product management for early-stage B2B or SaaS companies
  • Experience with UI/UX
  • Experience with Business Analysis a plus
  • Background in Psychology a plus



  • Competitive salary
  • Equity options
  • Paid leave
  • Medical leave

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