Director of Product

Proletariat’s Director of Product is a key leader in product development. This person understands the ecosystem through extensive market research, and works with Proletariat’s leads and the product team to create a product vision that executes the company’s strategy. They communicate and define a product vision for the development team, and direct the team throughout feature development. The Director of Product is responsible for the success of the feature and project, from design to development to post-release analysis.


  • Own key business priorities like user growth or important partnerships.
  • Propose, specify, manage, and analyze new features and experiments for Proletariat’s games and services.
  • Work within a multidisciplinary team throughout the entire design, build, test, and release process.
  • Lead key development efforts like roadmap planning, market research, business metrics analysis, A/B testing, and user testing.


  • Years of experience in consumer-facing software development, whether Product Management or any related role.
  • BA/BS in a technology, business related or analytical discipline.
  • Fluency in basic consumer based software metrics like DAU, retention, and k-factor. Comfortable reading and interpreting (but not necessarily building) data-driven reports from sources like Google Analytics or Tableau.

Bonus points:

  • Experience writing code yourself, whether in school or afterward.
  • Deeper understanding of consumer analytics, including building metrics based reports directly. Even more bonus points for fluency in SQL.
  • Familiarity with statistics, particularly in evaluating a/b tests and similar experiments.
  • Interest in streaming through sites like Twitch, Youtube, or Facebook live. More bonus points for broadcasting video yourself!
  • Interest in games, particularly PC games and eSports.
  • Additional education in any related discipline, including an MBA.